Which Fence is Right for Me?

July 20, 2015
What’s the purpose of a home? For protection of course! So off that logic, a fence that increases protection and establishes boundaries among neighbors, should be a necessary step in any home building process. Here at Fence Ninja, we have four different types of fences to choose from. We offer

Investing in Youth: Working with Compassion International

July 13, 2015
The youth in our society are undoubtedly the key to our planet’s future. That being said, investing in their success is essential to our society’s development. To ensure a better world in the near future, guiding all of our youth to the point of being a fulfilled, responsible, and contributing

5 Reasons Why Cedar Fence Direct Supports Non-Profits

July 6, 2015
As a business, we want to be actively engaged in the community we are a part of. If our community thrives, then so do we. We don’t just care about turning a profit, because without a community in place, there would be no one for us to help or

5 Fence Maintenance Tips for a New Homeowner

June 29, 2015
If you’re a Colorado native, you know first-hand how extreme our weather can get. Ludacris heat in the fall and winter? No sweat. Heavy snow fall in spring? Ha, that’s nothing new. This bi-polarity we get from Mother Nature means one thing for your fence: it’s vulnerable like cake at a 5 year

Habitat for Humanity: It’s Not About Profits

June 22, 2015
Fence Ninja is affiliated with a number of different non-profits so we can truly engage ourselves with the community around us. We believe that giving back is important, especially in our own back yard. Owning a business isn’t just about turning a profit, as even the most successful companies