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Denver Fence Company: From Basic To Custom Privacy Fences, We Got You Covered

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Privacy fences are one of the most common fence styles found in our cities. These fences function to keep our pets and kids in while keeping out unwanted neighbors and predators, but the primary purpose still remains to create privacy. This allows the homeowner to create the outdoor living area that they want without the extra attention.

A privacy fence has the ability to transform into many different types of shapes and forms that range from a simple flat panel to an ornate decorative design. Not only will a privacy fence provide privacy, it will also often provide you with a wind breaker and sound barriers. Whether you are looking for a simple fence or a decorative fence our fence specialists can help plan and design your fence. Give us a call and let us help you today!

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Number one seller is a Cedar Picket fence with cedar rails and post. Cedar will overall last longer than pine and provide you with a better looking fence for the cost. We offer the largest selection of Cedar fencing in the state. This allows us to meet any budget or quality need.
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No problem. Whether you need 10 boards or 10,000 we are happy to help. Just give us a call to set up an appointment with one of our specialists who will come to your home, determine how many pickets you need and help match our current stock with the type and style you currently have or want.
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We can help in a variety of ways. Download our free fence installation guide  if you are thinking about doing the project yourself. However, we also work with over 2,500 contractors annually and can connect you with a reputable contractor for your new project.
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We appreciate working with Cedar Fence Direct because of the unique type and quality of products that they provide. – Brain Spafford, with Under Construction, Inc

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Cedar Fence Direct In Stock Product Photos

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