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2 & 3 Split Rail Systems In Stock In Colorado


A Split Rail fence is a type of fence that has been constructed out of a standard log, which has been split lengthwise into rails. The organic appearance from this manufacturing process has made this style of fencing popular in all types of applications, such as small decorative purposes for city lot front yards or even on larger ranch-like boundaries.

Plus, a Cedar Split Rail is naturally resistant to decay, rot and insect infestation due to its natural oils and resin. Homeowners love  Split Rails fences for their rustic appearance.

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We offer more variety! We are the only company to carry both 2 and 3 rail systems in stock. Secondly, Home Depot only stocks smaller 8 foot “pony” rails whereas we stock standard size 10 foot rails that are thicker and therefore, stronger.When you compare our split rail fence to Home Depots split rail, you will find that our posts are thicker as well. This provides you with a higher quality product. Plus, the longer length rails results in fewer posts, few post holes to dig, shorter installation time and will save you money on your project.

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This will be determined by the climate, humidity levels, and whether the homeowner will provide any upkeep on their fence. However, in our climate a Split Rail fence should last about 15 to 20 years with no problem.
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Trying to determine if Split Rail fence is right for you is all up the eye of the beholder. Every fence offers different pros and cons, however, the biggest factors all boils down to the homeowner and the look that they want achieve. If you are looking for a simple design that provide a rustic appearance then a Split Rail fence might be the right decision. If you are looking for something that has a little more control over the design then maybe a Ranch Rail fence will the right decision for you.
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We appreciate working with Cedar Fence Direct, because of the unique type and quality of products that they provide – By Brian Spafford, with Under Construction, Inc

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Cedar Fence Direct In Stock Product Photos

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Split Rail Stock 2
Ranch Rail Stock 5
Split Rail Stock 4
Split Rail Stock
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