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1. Good for the heart!

Sure volunteering can get you feeling warm and fuzzy on the inside, but believe or not that warmth and fuzziness is an actual benefit for your health! In a 2013 study, the UnitedHealth Group and the Optum Institute found that 76 percent of American adults who perform volunteer work say they feel healthier, while 78 percent report giving back reduces stress — all contributing factors of a more engaged, productive workforce and lower healthcare costs for employers.

2. Others come first.

We want to reinforce to our customers that we have an “others first” mindset when it comes to running our business. We pride ourselves on being able to give clients the best products, the best service, and the best overall experience when doing home projects. We’re here for the customers and community, so what better way to highlight this value than being associated with non-profits.

3. Sharing values.

We believe that shopping and building with a locally owned store will yield a better experience than going through a big box store. We want to let our friends in the community know that there are better, more helpful options out there. So by getting involved with non-profits that share the same values and ideals as us, we can attract clients that will appreciate our hard work that is strictly focused on the customer’s satisfaction.

4. Building the community, together.

Our involvement with non-profits also gives our customers a chance to get involved as well. We believe that building a community requires everyone’s help. So hopefully by our engagement, our customers will follow and we can all collaborate to form the best community we can.

5. We’re a team.

As a business, we want to be actively engaged in the community we are a part of. If our community thrives, then so do we. We don’t just care about turning a profit, because without a community in place, there would be no one for us to help or serve. We are here for the people, not the money.