The traditional split rail fence is a well-known feature of the American landscape. It is a decorative and functional way to enclose large or small areas. A split rail fence can identify property lines of a yard without blocking views in or out.

Split Rail Fence is Long Lasting

Not only is split rail fencing budget friendly it is long lasting. Once you install your split rail fence you will not need to replace it unless it is damaged by means other than nature.

Because split rail fencing is durable in and of itself, the strength is further pronounced by the formation. It can withstand weight and pressure.

Depending on the type of wood used a split rail fence can last anywhere from 15 to 30 years.

Split Rail Fence has Natural Defenses

Cedar split rail fencing is naturally resistant to insects and fungus. There is no need to apply and pesticides and or anti-fungal treatments.

Cedar split rail fencing is long lasting and will stay looking great because of the tannins, resins, and oil innately in the wood.

Split Rail Fence is Eco-Friendly

Cedar split rail fencing is eco-friendly because it will ultimately break down and return to the earth. Since its durability is natural and not due to chemical treatments, it does not cause any pollution to surrounding soil.

With Split Rail Fence, Versatility Is Key

Split rail fences blend well into any landscape design because they can be left to weather naturally creating a more rustic look or be stained to enhance a more modern landscape.

When it comes to planning out your split rail fence you can choose a 2 or 3 rail configuration depending on your needs. Although a split rail fence already offers unobstructed views, you can further reduce blockage by doing a 2-rail fence.

There are many ways that you can customize your split rail fence. One way to add come dimension to your split rail fence is by implementing decorative gates throughout the fence line. You can design anything from a single panel swinging gate to an opposing double wide swinging gate. Another decorative idea to spruce up your split rail fence is to add pergolas at entry points by itself or with a gate.

Reverse Time with Split Rail Fence

If you are changing the motif of your landscape or you have moved to a new home with a weathered split rail fence, you can reverse time if you are wanting a new looking fence. Even though your split rail fence may be weathered and worn you can freshen it up and give it some added protection against weathering. Here are some simple steps:

  1. Use a scrub brush and warm water to remove debris and dirt that have coated your split rail fence over time. You will find that you do not need soap or any other cleaning products to see quick results.
  2. Covering your split rail fence with linseed oil is an effective way protect and seal the wood. Linseed oil is a natural preservative that will provide a protective coating over your wood.
  3. You can easily test this protective barrier to see if you need additional coats. Simply drip water onto any area of your split rail fence. If beading occurs, then you know that you have the correct amount. If you do not see beading keep adding additional coats until you do.
  4. You can sand down the posts and rails for a less rustic look.

If you are searching for a fencing option, consider split rail fencing. The many benefits cannot compare to other fencing choices.