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Community Outreach Programs by Fence Ninja In Denver

We believe that giving back to the community is important, especially in our own back yard. We have developed a unique community outreach program in which our employees have supported locally and internationally. This is done by engaging with local, and even international, non-profit associations. As a company that constantly strives to be better and better every day, getting involved with non-profits has become an inherent part of our business.

Perhaps the most recognizable non-profit we work with is Habitat for Humanity. Habitat builds homes and restores communities for those in need, regardless of religion, race, or location. Habitat deals with both new builds and rebuilds. New builds are new homes that are constructed for those that are in dire need of housing and that couldn’t afford it otherwise. While rebuilds are the remodeling of homes after instances like natural disasters. For example, when Colorado fell victim to flash floods in 2014, Habitat for Humanity helped rebuild the homes that were affected by the flood by placing the homes higher to reduce the chances of potential damages from flooding.

Just because we take pride in volunteering within our community, doesn’t mean our cost of products will go up. If anything, our cost is reduced! Our company is a wholesale lumber store that purchases mill direct, so you’ll find that our prices are actually lower than the big box stores.

With our engagement with non-profits, a percentage of each sale goes towards these causes. For each sale, we donate about 5% of it to support the local and international non-profits we are associated with. We understand that there’s much more to a running a business than just making money!

We have found that volunteering and giving back to the community is a reward in itself. Being successful isn’t always limited to how much money you can make. Habitat is always looking for more volunteers, and we’re always ready to help. You can help too, by contacting us on Facebook or eMail and we’ll let you know when the next project is. We participate in two to four projects every year, so there’s plenty of options! Habitat is always looking for more volunteers, We participate in two to four projects every year, so there’s plenty of options if you want to join us!