Anyone entering a Wheat Ridge city business MUST wear a face mask and anyone serving customers by face to face interaction must also wear one. We are limiting the number of customers inside the building to 4 people at a time. To help with safety & time, please call ahead and pay for your order. Or save a trip and schedule a delivery with your sales rep today.

Thanks for your cooperation!

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Cedar Fence Direct, along with all other contractors and construction companies, have been deemed “essential” in the Colorado market. We will stay open (both online AND in store) in the following days, weeks, and months, providing high quality service to all our customers. We will continue to take precautions in our yards during loading operations by utilizing social distancing.

Planing on staying home for the foreseeable future? We are doubling down on our delivery service!

Denver’s Lumber Choice For Cedar Fencing

Our company Cedar Fence Direct was built as a sister company to Rocky Mountain Forest Products to develop a process in which large quantity fence purchases from contractors can get the products they need in a timely manner. Our main goal is to offer higher quality fence products at a more affordable price than big box stores. We offer a variety of fencing options from privacy fence, split rail, ranch rail and post and dowel. While we accommodate large quantity orders, we are also capable of providing smaller orders for single residences and homeowners. We are also proud to offer nationwide shipping for buyers who aren’t in the state of Colorado. To learn more about our minimum order requirements for out of state orders or to place an in-state order give us a call today!

Why Should You Pick Us?

At Cedar Fence Direct we strive to provide the best customer service possible with convenience and satisfaction when it comes to buying building materials. We have been in the building materials industry for over 50 years and have gained knowledge and experience that allows us to provide our customers with viable information that will help them in the field or as a homeowner. We offer multiple different material options at a range of costs so you can find what fits your needs as a contractor or homeowner.

Family Run-Family Owned

Cedar Fence Direct has been family owned since the beginning and run by family members who are dedicated to seeing the success in not only the company but its customers. We have worked with over a million customers throughout the 50 years we have been in business. We strive to see our customers grow and succeed in the industry no matter their end goal. Our family has been involved in the building materials industry for years and it has passed through generations. Each year becoming more advanced not only on the business side of things but in terms of building relationships as well.

When you stop in for a pickup or to place an order, we promise you will always be greeted with a family-like welcoming that is warm and inviting. Every one of our employees from administrative, sales team, and operations are educated and trained to give you the best possible service.

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Like we have mentioned many times before we work directly with our mill to get our product. All our product is high quality and kept at an affordable price. We can do this because we cut out the cost of a middleman supplier. We only must pay for the delivery of our products from the mill to our locations which saves us money so we can offer a better price.

Three Locations Across Colorado

For added convenience we have three locations across Colorado so you can get your materials faster and closer to your job site if needed. All of our locations have a fully equipped and trained sales team of fencing specialists that can help you with your order and finding the ideal materials for your job. We have locations in Denver, Arvada, and Colorado Springs and they are all connected so if you need a product that’s at another location, we will drive it over and have it ready for you in a timely manner.

Product inspiration

Whether you are a homeowner or contractor gaining inspiration for projects can be hard. Through our showroom, mockups, blog page and social media we have a large library of inspiration for different styles of fencing and homes. Every week we upload new blogs with product information, design ideas, as well as tips and tricks to make sure fence building easier. If you aren’t sure how a specific product will look once installed, you can check out our showroom or mockups to get an idea as well as our social media page. On Facebook and Instagram, we are always sharing fellow contractors fence installs and customers installs to help spread the inspiration and give you ideas for your next project.


5075 Tabor Street
Wheat Ridge, CO


5075 Tabor Street
Wheat Ridge, CO


10605 Charter Oak
Ranch Rd. Fountain, CO

In-State Orders | Out of State Orders

Truckload Shipping
Rates Table:

From: To: Cost:
Denver, CO Houston, TX $1,600**
Denver, CO Atlanta, GA $2,100**
Denver, CO Minneapolis, MN $1,600**
Denver, CO Chicago, IL $1,700**
Denver, CO Fargo, SD $1,900**
Denver, CO New Orleans, LA $2,200**
Denver, CO Tampa, FL $3,200**
Denver, CO Miami, FL $3,800**
Denver, CO Charlotte, NC $2,900**
Denver, CO Columbus, OH $2,200**
Denver, CO Detroit, MI $2,300**
Denver, CO Buffalo, NY $2,900**
Denver, CO Boston, MA $3,800**
Denver, CO Telluride, CO $1,100**
Denver, CO West Coast $2,100**

* All deliver charges are valid for dedicated semi-trucks deliveries only!
** Delivery prices may vary plus or minus 20% from price listed above. These prices are the averages that we typically see.

In-State Orders

If you are in the state of Colorado, we offer statewide delivery for all our fencing materials and we also offer a pickup system that is organized and makes it easy for you to get your materials.

Minimums – As far as in-state minimums there is no minimum for orders. Whether you need 3 pickets or 300 pickets we can handle it all.

Looking for a smaller order? Give us a call for a custom freight quote!

Out of State Orders

We encourage anyone to purchase from us whether you live in Colorado or not. Since we get all our materials directly from the mill, we can offer you lower material costs and lower shipping and delivery.

Minimums – For ALL out of state orders there is a minimum of 800ft of materials. We do have certain requirements for all out of state orders that are important for you as the customer to be informed of.

If you choose to order your materials and are located from out of state, we want to make sure that you are informed of these items, so your process goes smoothly.

  • We buy all our products directly from the mill which allows us to offer you the highest quality of products at a lower cost. Unfortunately, because we buy directly from the mill, we can’t give you an exact delivery date. We will give you an estimated delivery date, but this can change by a few days earlier or later so take this into account when placing your order.
  • For all-out of state orders and delivery’s there MUST be a forklift on-site and available to use for the unloading of materials.
  • Be prepared for a live unload at the time of delivery. We do not do drop-offs and our semi will stay on location until the upload is complete.
  • All our products that are delivered out of state will be insured by a third-party logistics company.
  • For any claims against damaged material Cedar Fence Direct must be informed of the damage within 5 days of the delivery date with a written statement and photographs. We will NOT process claims without this information.

Truckload Shipping
Rates Table:

From: To: Cost:
Denver, CO Houston, TX $1,600**
Denver, CO Atlanta, GA $2,100**
Denver, CO Minneapolis, MN $1,600**
Denver, CO Chicago, IL $1,700**
Denver, CO Fargo, ND $1,900**
Denver, CO New Orleans, LA $2,200**
Denver, CO Tampa, FL $3,200**
Denver, CO Miami, FL $3,700**
Denver, CO Charlotte, NC $2,900**
Denver, CO Columbus, OH $2,200**
Denver, CO Detroit, MI $2,300**
Denver, CO Buffalo, NY $2,900**
Denver, CO Boston, MA $3,800**
Denver, CO Telluride, CO $1,100**
Denver, CO West Coast $2,100**

*All these amounts are averages to the markets. Individual shipping costs will be determined on an order by order basis.**
For more information on out of state orders, check out our ‘Out of State’ orders page or contact us today with any questions you may have.

Which Style of Fencing is Right for Me?

Incense Cedar

Incense-cedar is the most common type of fencing that we sell and it’s also the type of fencing that we recommend. Incense-cedar is resistant to rot, decay and other damages it may be exposed to in weather especially here in Colorado. Because incense cedar is so smooth it can easily be stained and looks incredible if left natural. We always keep a stock of incense cedar on grounds and can always order more if needed.

Western Red Cedar

A lot of times customers will think that western red cedar is held at a higher rank compared to incense cedar. This, however, is not true because western red cedar is more expensive and tends to require more care. Western red cedar is also more tricky to get our hands on as we have to order it on an order by order basis. We don’t stock this type of cedar on grounds.

Treated Wood

We tend to not recommend treated wood to our clients as an alternative to incense cedar. Treated wood is much harder to care for and depending on the environment where you live issues can arise such as cracking, warping, splitting, etc. Treated wood is also on the pricier side and wants to recommend styles of fencing that are in the best interest of our customer and their budget.

At the end of the day, you are the only person who will be able to determine which type of fencing is best for you and your family or clients. Before you move forward with a certain style of fencing take your time to conduct all the research possible and to ask all the questions. We recommend working with one of our fencing specialists who can help guide you in the right direction and give you all the information you may possibly need.


We buy all our products directly from The Mill which means we can offer you products that are under better quality control compared to our competitors along with other benefits that will make your shopping experience better.

#1 – High-Quality Products

All our products are of higher quality than our competitors for one simple reason; we communicate with our mills. We have a relationship built with every mill where we can communicate with them the products we want and don’t want. We get to pick and choose each individual product that comes through our doors which allows us to offer only the best in quality. Another great benefit to this relationship is that each board of material has little to no imperfections and is appearance grade.

#2 – Affordable Pricing

Most big box stores find themselves having to mark up their products in order to come out on top once they purchase their products from the middleman between the mill and them. Here at Cedar Fence Direct, we don’t have to mark up our products to make it out on top because we cut out the middleman cost and save ourselves money so we can help you save money too! Our goal is to offer a product that is high quality while still being affordable to the average homeowner or contractor.

#3 – Custom Orders

As a contractor, you might come across a job that is particularly unique or specific to the client and need specific materials. You don’t want to find a new supplier when your comfortable with us and we respect that which is why we make sure to maintain our relationship with our mill. This way we can contact our mill, give them the specific details on your job and the materials needed to see if we can get the materials custom ordered for you. One of our main goals aside from others is to work with our customers new and existing. We want to make the process as smooth sailing as possible.

We Offer SPLIT Truck Loads

One of the biggest benefits you have when it comes to shopping through Cedar Fence Direct is that we offer the ability to split trucks between materials whether it be pickets, posts, or rails. Most suppliers only offer truckloads of one type of material whereas we want to add to the convenience and split loads up if needed.

Things to Remember with Our Truck Load Orders

We don’t offer any returns or exchanges for materials once they are delivered. If you find that materials were damaged during shipping, we will work out with our third-party shipping company to get the details sorted.

All our truckloads are based on weight. Keep in mind that if the material is shipped during fall or winter, they may be wet which can alter the number of units per truck. The average units are 18-19 with the range being 15-22 units.

There MUST be a forklift on site for unloading. If there is no forklift available for use, we will not deliver. We also only do live delivery’s; we will not drop materials off at any given location.
50% of payment is due as a down payment with the remaining 50% due at the time the truck leaves the mill. Materials will not be en route until the remaining balance is paid in full.

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Our Fencing Options

Privacy Fence

Picket Fences/Fence Panels for Privacy Fencing

Privacy fencing is our most popular type of fencing that is sold to homeowners for their outdoor space. The main purpose of this fence is to keep kids and pets safe and from roaming free when outside. There are many benefits to this type of fencing such as easy installation, long-lasting material, and affordability. You can achieve multiple different designs with this style of fencing which allows you to customize your fence easily.

Fencing Grades

We offer 1×4 incense cedar fence pickets that are available in the following grades.

  • El Dorado in 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’, and 8’ lengths
  • Placer in 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’, and 8’ lengths
  • Rustic in 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’, and 8’ lengths

We offer 1×6 incense cedar fence pickets that are available in the following grades.

  • El Dorado in 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’, and 8’ lengths
  • Placer in 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’, and 8’ lengths
  • Rustic in 6’ length

We offer 1×8 incense cedar pickets which are available in the following grades.

  • El Dorado in 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’, and 8’ lengths
  • Placer in 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’, and 8’ lengths
  • Rustic in 6’ lengths

We offer 1×12 incense cedar fence pickets that are available in the following grades.

  • El Dorado in 5’, 6’, and 8’ lengths
  • Placer in 5’, 6’, and 8’ lengths

We offer 2×4 (1 ½”x3 ½”) incense cedar rails and posts in the following grades.

  • Lassen at 8’ in length

We offer 2×4, 2×6, 2×8, and 4×4 incense cedar rails and posts in the following grades.

  • #2 in 8’ and 10’ lengths

We offer 6×6 incense cedar rails and posts in the following grades.

  • #2 in 6’, 8’ and 10’ lengths

We offer 1×4, 1×6, and 1×8 whitewood fencing in Sierra Supreme in the various lengths 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’, and 8’.

We also offer 2×4 (1 ½”x3 ½”) and 4×4 (3 ½”x3 ½”) in 8’ length.

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CFD Home Page
CFD Home Page

Split Rail Fence

Split Rail fencing was one of the earliest forms of fencing created and has been used in a variety of different settings due to its easy install and few materials needed. Most of the time this style of fencing is used in parks, communities and farmers for their ranches because it is so affordable. With Split Rail fencing you can achieve an effortless rustic look.

The Reasons to Build a Split Rail Fence

  • Low Cost
  • Long Lasting
  • Easy Install
  • Rustic

Split Rail Fencing Grades

We offer the following grades for split trail fencing.

  • 2 Rail Corner Post
  • 2 Rail End Post
  • 2 Rail Line Post
  • 3 Rail End Post
  • 3 Rail Corner Post
  • 3 Rail Line Post
  • 10’ Rail

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What Our Customers Have To Say:

“We appreciate working with Cedar Fence Direct, because of the unique type and quality of products that they provide”

– Brian Spafford, with Under Construction, Inc.

“Great, responsive and friendly service from everyone I interact with at. Darren West, and also Darren and his guys in the yard have been great to work with. They are the reason I keep using them as a supplier.”

– Tim Carstensen, with Timothy Custom Woodworks

Post and Dowel | Pressure Treated Fence

Post and Dowel, also known as Western Rail Fencing is commonly known for its rounded posts and dowels that create a unique fencing style. The fencing is manufactured from Pine Logs and is chemically pressure treated to prevent rot and decay. This style of fencing is very popular and looks great while being affordable and long-lasting.

Post and Dowel Fencing Grades

We offer the following grades of post and dowel fencing.

  • 3.5” x 8” CAC Treated Rails
  • 3 Rail CAC Treated 5” Line Post
  • 3 Rail CAC Treated 6” Corner Post
  • 3 Rail CAC Treated 6” End Post

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Additional Lumber Options

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Ranch Rail Fence

Ranch Rail or a board fence is very popular among the state of Colorado. It is commonly used in neighborhoods, country mountain settings, and large farms. It is a popular option among ranchers and farmers to keep their livestock and pets within the border of their land. Typically ranch rail is 2,3, or 4 rail system and will typically be made with 4×4, 4×6, 4×8 cedar posts and with 2×6, and 2×8 cedar boards for the rails. We also recommend using weld wire that can be attached to the rails to help your fence keep smaller animals in and keep predators from getting in.

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Horizontal Privacy Fence

A privacy fence is the perfect addition to any outdoor space especially when privacy and security are a concern. Traditional privacy fences appear with vertical pickets aligned across the perimeter of the fence. This is the most common style of fencing used which means your fence may look the same as a few of your neighbors. If you are looking for a way to design your fence so it stands out and looks unique from other privacy fences but still reap the benefits, horizontal fencing is a great option. This style is the same material and built the same as a traditional privacy fence. It is just flipped horizontally. Consider this style of fencing when looking at your options. This style is perfect for anyone wanting the same benefits as privacy fencing but with a little design twist.

Give Us a Call for a Free Estimate

Are You a Contractor, Farmer, or a Rancher?

If you are a contractor, a farmer or a rancher you’re probably reading this page because you need a fence. Whether you are just starting out or are looking to make an improvement to your existing fence it’s hard to know which option is the best for you and your specific needs. Here are a few easy questions to ask yourself before you officially decide which type of fencing is best for you.

Rancher or Farmer FAQ’s

Question #1: How large is the space that I need to line with a fence? What is my budget?

This question is important because it will determine the type of fence you should go with based on the size and your budget. Certain types of fencing like a split rail, for example, are better for larger projects because it’s more affordable.

Question #2: Do I have large or small animals to keep in? Do I have both?

Depending on the answer to this question you can eliminate certain types of fencing if you are looking for a solution that keeps smaller animals in while also protecting your larger ones too. However, you don’t necessarily have to eliminate styles of fencing, you can modify. For example, if you prefer to use ranch rail, for instance, you can add weld wire to it to close off the large openings.

Question #3: Is there a certain style I am looking for?

This is the defying question that will determine the choices you narrow down too. If your looking for rustic – split rail may be the option, if you’re wanting cleaner and simpler – ranch rail may be the one.

The Best Fencing Styles: As a farmer or a rancher you are probably seeking a fencing option that is affordable, easy to take care of, doesn’t require a lot of upkeep and is easy to install. Now, most fencing options would fit these criteria however there are a few styles that would be the best fit. Split rail is a fence style that is used by farmers and ranchers often along with ranch rail. Both styles of fencing are easy to install and care for and are affordable which helps you budget for the large space you have to line with fencing.

Contractor FAQ’s

Question #1: Is this job for a homeowner in a neighborhood or is it a commercial job?

Depending on whether the job is for a homeowner or a commercial setting the style of fencing really matters based on the location. For instance, if you are in a suburb a privacy fence would probably be more suitable for the location, so the client has more privacy and security in their neighborhood. If you are contracted by a farmer or rancher, they might request split rail, ranch rail or post and dowel for easy care, install and affordable pricing.

Question #2: What is the client’s budget?

This is a big deciding factor in the style of fencing you might want to offer a client. Before you give any insight into the style of fencing to choose from you must know what the budget of a client is. This way you can easily give them options and they aren’t expecting something that is over their budget.

Question #3: What is the client looking for?

Does your client want security, privacy, style, curb appeal, protection for their kids and animals and so on? These can be deciding factors in the style of fencing a homeowner could choose, of course, you can alter designs slightly to fit certain needs but it’s a good thing to know beforehand.

For more information on our products, our buying process or special order, give us a call or visit us today to speak with a fencing specialist!