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Ranch rail fencing which is also known as Horse Fence, Field Fence, Board Fence, and Farm Fence is becoming a more popular style of fencing among homeowners and not just ranchers or farmers. Some of the most common uses for this style of fencing is to keep livestock secure on ranches, keeping children and pets in their yard throughout neighborhoods and to add a design statement to mountain living. Ranch rail fencing is a great alternative to other fencing styles while still getting all the benefits of a fence no matter the style.

A traditional horse fence will be either two, three or four rails. You can alter the number of rails on your ranch rail fence depending on your needs. For example, if you have smaller animals you want to keep secured you might choose a four-rail system to lessen the gap space. You also have many different design options compared to split rail and post and dowel because there are no pre-cut holes.

The typical products we see being used for a ranch rail fence are 4×4, 4×6, and 6×6 cedar posts with nominal 2×6 or 2×8 cedar boards for the rails. We always keep these products stocked and on the ground, so we always have materials to get you started and to add convenience.

Cedar Rails that We Stock

2x4x8 Standard Rails
2x4x8 Premium Rails
2x6x8 Standard Rails
2x8x8 Standard Rails

Benefits to Ranch Rail | Why You Should Install One

They are Very Affordable
The ranch rail fence is among the more affordable styles of fencing because the materials you need aren’t as large as a privacy fence, for example. Most of the clients we see that use ranch rail own land with horses, and/or livestock so they have a lot of areas to cover. Whether you are on a ranch and have lots of land or live in a neighborhood and are looking for an alternative to privacy fencing ranch rail is a great option and can cover a lot of specific needs when it comes to a fence.

Ranch rail fencing is a style of fencing that has a very clean look and will add a sophisticated feel to your land. You can easily enhance the look of a ranch rail by altering the design-build or by adding paint or stain if you are seeking a specific look.

How do I know if Ranch Rail is for Me
Ranch rail fencing has a lot of attributes that allow you to add function, sustainability, and curb appeal to your home or ranch. Of course, as you should you want to make sure that you chose the right style of fence for you, your family and the needs that you have. A good place to start is to write out a list of all the things you are looking for in a fence so you can give it to your fencing specialist, and they can recommend certain styles. If you’re still having some doubts read through this list of attribute ranch rail can offer and see if they fit yours or if another style of fencing may be the way to go.

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Which Fencing is Best?

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The Different Designs of Ranch Rail

Standard Ranch Rail
The standard look for ranch rail fencing is a two, three, or four rail system that has the rails installed horizontally between the posts. This is the most common style of ranch rail fencing that you will see installed because it is the easiest to install and design. You can enhance the look of a standard ranch rail fence by adding post caps or staining the fence to match your desired color.

Decorative Ranch Rail
Ranch rail can also be designed to be more decorative by adding certain cuts to the posts to add some dimension and design as well as changing the layout of the rails. You can install the rails vertically, diagonal or in the shape of an X for example to give your fence some character. The options are open to just about everything with some inspiration and alterations.

For more information about farm fencing or the different styles of fencing we offer at Cedar Fence Direct, check out the rest of our website or contact us to ask questions or to start the process today.

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