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What is Post and Dowel Fencing?

Post and dowel fence which is also called western rail fencing is known for its rounded rails and posts. All of our post and dowel fencing is manufactured from pine logs that are chemically treated to prevent rot and decay. Just like with split rail, post and dowel fencing offers a stylish fence without the high cost of some fence alternatives. Most homeowners will use post and dowel fencing as opposed to others because of all the benefits that come with it.

Post and Dowel or Split Rail?

Either style of fencing is a great option for any client whether you are a homeowner, a contractor, rancher or farmer because they offer a lot of the same qualities. However, post and dowel fencing does offer other features that split rail does not like a pressure-treated material that is resistant to rot, termites and decay. Post and dowel also tend to have a cleaner appearance compared to split rail because of its rounded and uniform look.

How Can I Maximize the Life of My Fence?

The best way to maximize the life of your post and dowel fence is by taking care of it and making sure none of the posts are ever damaged. A post and dowel fence should last for around 15 years with little to no repairs needed.

Our Post and Dowel Stock

    • 3.5” x 8” CAC Treated Rails
    • 3 Rail CAC Treated 5” Line Post
    • 3 Rail CAC Treated 6” Corner Post
    • 3 Rail CAC Treated 6” End Post


The Process of Install

Step 1: The first thing you want to do before you start the installation process is double check that you have all the materials you need. Use the materials list below as a good starting point

Step 2: Mark out on the ground where you want the fence with spray paint or chalk, and measure out where you posts should be. Once you have your markings, dig the holes for your posts and add the cement to hold the post in place.

Step 3: Once your posts are in place and are fully cured, you can now add your dowels into the already pre-milled holes. You can secure them with nails or screws, but this style of fencing doesn’t require you to.

Step 4: Once your post and dowel fence is completely installed and to your liking, you can finish it with oil if you are wanting to leave it natural, or you can stain it whatever color you desire.

Materials needed

    • Fence materials
    • Cement
    • Nails and screws if preferred
    • Post Hold Digger
    • Wheel barrel
    • Four Foot Level
    • String line to keep the fence level
    • Spray paint or chalk for marking
    • Finish whether it’s transparent or a colored stain
    • Latch and gate hardware

A post and dowel fence is not better, or worse, than a split rail fence, but it does offer other features. For example, a post and dowel fence is pressure treated to resist rot, termites and decay whereas a cedar split rail fence has natural oils and resins that prevents rot and decay. In additional, the rounded poles create a more uniform look than split rail fences.

This is determined by the care and attention that is given to the fence and whether you live in a dry or wet climate. A post and dowel fence should last at least 10 to 15 years.

This can vary greatly depending on the lengths of the fence, the diameter of the logs, and the number of rails per section. To really see if a post and dowel fence will cost more, just give us a call and we will be happy to help determine the cost of your specific project.

Benefits of Post and Dowel Fencing?


If you are a contractor and are working with a homeowner to choose the perfect fence for their home, post and dowel would be a great option. The main purpose of a fence is to add security and boundaries to your home. Post and dowel fencing does a great job at providing your clients land with security but it is important to remember that post and dowel fencing is not like privacy fencing where you can’t see in or out. That can be a big deciding factor in a fence style for their home so make sure you talk about the wants for your clients.

Two of the biggest perks to the post and dowel fence style is the ability to keep it so affordable and within a budget while being so easy to install and take care of. Most homeowners want a fence style that they don’t have to worry about once it is installed and post and dowel are perfect for that.

Of course, always listen to your clients and what they are expressing their needs are. Take everything into account and give them some options to chose from. This will keep them happier and make your job a little bit easier.


As a rancher, your main goal is to keep your property and your cattle safe and secure from predators and escaping. Every fence style does a great job at keeping things in and keeping things out, but post and dowel can do it in a more stylish way that keeps your ranch looking in tip-top shape. You can also secure your post and dowel fence as much as you feel needed during install so you can be left knowing your cattle are safe. If you have smaller animals to worry about you can always add weld wire or add some different designs to your fence so they are also protected along with your larger animals.

Post and dowel fencing is also very affordable and easy to keep on a budget as we mentioned before. As a rancher, you have a lot to juggle and money should be your last worry when renovating your fence. We can help you stay within your range and make sure you get the highest quality product available.


Are you a homeowner looking for a fencing style that is best for you and your family? If so, post and dowel might be a great option because of all the benefits it offers along with its designer appearance. If the main concern you have for your home is curb appeal, ranch rail can do a great job at enhancing the look of your home from the outside.

If you are seeking a style of fencing that will add some security for your pets and kids post and dowel fencing is a great option to give them a boundary and keep them in your yard. You can also add weld wire if you have smaller animals that could slip through gaps. However, posts and dowels are perfect for larger animals for keeping them secure.

Post and dowel fencing has a lot of benefits that could be beneficial to a homeowner with specific needs and wants for their fencing style.

Design Inspiration for Post and Dowel Fencing

On a Ranch

If you are installing post and dowel fencing on a ranch there are a few different ways you can design it to provide more function and design to it

Reflective Tape
On a ranch, you most likely have a large open space that you are lining with your post and dowel fence. To help you see the outlines of your property at night and to know where your fence is, you can add reflective tape to the dowel that will allow you to better see it at night.

You can also alter the layout of your post and dowel fence to better suit the needs of your ranch. For example, you can add different sections within your property that can be closed off with a gate to secure your animals or to store equipment if extra space is needed. The design of your fence is yours to pick which means you can alter it as much as you need.

While it’s not required you can stain your post and dowel fence to give your ranch an enhanced look. However, you can leave the posts and dowels natural if you prefer that over the stained look.

In A Neighborhood

Weld Wire
If you are using post and dowel fencing in a neighborhood you probably have smaller kids and pets that you want to keep secure and safe from possible predators. You can add weld wire to add security but still achieve the rustic post and dowel fence look.

Add a Gate
Adding a gate onto your post and dowel fence so you can access your outdoor space from inside the yard and outside the yard can add functionality to your home and an extra entrance for convenience.

Just like with post and dowel on a ranch you don’t have to stain your fence, but you can if you choose to and want a specific look. The stain will also give your fence an extra layer of protection and can potentially make it last longer than posts and dowels that aren’t stained.
There are many different options and ways to alter a fence design to fit specific needs if you are set on a certain fence style. If you have further questions about post and dowel fencing or another style of fencing feel free to reach out and ask our fencing team. If your ready to start the buying process also reach out and we can help get you started and send in a material order today.

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