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Privacy Fence

Privacy Fence

Denver Fence Company: From Basic To Custom Privacy Fences, We’ve Got You Covered

Privacy fencing is one of the most common styles of fencing used by homeowners and contractors for several different reasons. When privacy fencing is installed it’s mainly for security, privacy, noise reduction, curb appeal and to add protection for your family. Regardless of the reason for installing a privacy fence, this style of fencing will add value to your home and add curb appeal.

In order for a fence to be defined as a privacy fence, it must cover four categories: security, function, durability and design. For example, a chain link fence doesn’t offer much privacy or design, therefore it doesn’t qualify as a privacy fence.


One of the biggest reasons why privacy fencing is a popular style of fencing is because of how affordable it is for homeowners and contractors. A privacy fence can range in price depending on the material you are using for the pickets and posts, the overall size of the project, and the style you are going for.

Calculating the Cost

  1. You will want to calculate the total linear feet that your fence is going to be. You just need to know the lengths of three sides of your yard and calculate it from there. For example, if two sides of your yard are 25 ft, you add those together to get 50 and times that by 2. You will need 100 linear feet.
  2. Figure out how many posts you will need for the entirety of your fence. Normally you will have a post every 8 feet, so take your linear feet and divide it by 8.
  3. Next is finding out how many 2x4s you might need. You can do 2-3 2x4s depending on how much support you are looking for. For optimal results, we recommend 3. For each 8 ft section you will need 2 or 3.
  4. Finally, you’ll need to determine the number of pickets you will need. We carry 1×4 and 1×6 which will turn out to be 1×3.5 or 1×5.5 after milling.

Once you know all your calculations, you will want to set a budget that you want to stay within. Once you have this information, you can bring it to one of our fence specialists and they can recommend the right materials for the job and get the ball rolling.

** We always recommend buying a few extra pieces of material so that you can have back up in case there are any mistakes in measurement or damage to boards once they are purchased**

Number one seller is a Cedar Picket fence with cedar rails and post. Cedar will overall last longer than pine and provide you with a better looking fence for the cost. We offer the largest selection of Cedar fencing in the state. This allows us to meet any budget or quality need.

No problem. Whether you need 10 boards or 10,000 we are happy to help. Just give us a call to set up an appointment with one of our specialists who will come to your home, determine how many pickets you need and help match our current stock with the type and style you currently have or want.

We can help in a variety of ways. Download our free fence installation guide if you are thinking about doing the project yourself. However, we also work with over 2,500 contractors annually and can connect you with a reputable contractor for your new project.

Contractors & Ranchers | Is Privacy Fencing Right for You?

Privacy fencing is a style of fencing that will work for most settings, but may not be as practical in others. There certain things you want to consider when deciding whether privacy fencing is the ideal style of fencing for you, your client, and the job you’re working on. Depending on whether you are a contractor or a rancher, here are some questions you should ask when deciding the style of fencing to go with.

Contractor Questions:

The location of your job is very important as it can determine some deciding factors for the style of fencing you may want. If the location of your job is in the heart of a suburb and the homes are close together your client is probably seeking privacy. In this case a privacy fence is an ideal option as it will offer privacy and some security in a neighborhood.

If your client has smaller children or pet’s they are going to want a fence style that keeps their little ones and furry friends protected and secure when they are outdoors. Other styles of fencing like post and dowel, split rail and ranch rail are not ideal for clients who are looking to protect the little ones in their life.

The budget is the main deciding factor in whether a certain type of fencing is ideal or not. In reality you can make any style of fencing more affordable in a few ways, but you want to consider the budget for the best quality and style of fencing. Privacy fencing can be very affordable to install and take care of which is often a plus for homeowners.

Rancher Questions

The size of the fence that you are outlining is vital because this can be a huge determining factor in budgeting. Of course the larger the space you are lining the higher the cost can rise. As a rancher you most likely have a large piece of land that you are wanting to fence in which means you will want to look at the cheaper fencing options as well as styles that are easy to install and take care of.

As a rancher you most likely have animals that range from small to large. Just like a homeowner you want a system that will keep your animals in and predators out. However, you want a system that you can also see into if you are on the outside of the fence. A privacy fence doesn’t allow to be able to see in and check on the animals from say inside your home. A great style of fencing for a rancher with small and large animals would be ranch rail, split rail or post and dowel with weld wire to protect the smaller animals.

As a ranch you might have specific needs that you are looking for in a fence style. For example if you have horses that you want to be able to tie to a fence you might want a more secure style of fencing like ranch rail as opposed to privacy fencing which would be difficult to secure a horse too or split rail where the rails are lose.

Standard Stock for Incense Cedar Fence Materials

Cedar Pickets
1x4x6 Rustic
1x4x6 (3/4″) Premium Pickets
1x6x6 (5/8″) Premium Pickets
1x6x6 (3/4″) Premium Pickets

We carry 1x4s in El Dorado, Placer and Rustic in 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’, and 8’ lengths.
We carry 1x6s in El Dorado, Placer and Rustic in 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’, and 8’ lengths.
We carry 1x8s in El Dorado, Placer and Rustic in 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’, and 8’ lengths.
We carry 1x12s in Eldorado and Placer in 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’, and 8’ lengths.

Cedar Posts
4x4x8 Standard Posts
4x4x8 Premium Posts
4x6x6 Standard Posts
4x6x8 Standard Posts
4x6x10 Standard Posts
6x6x6 Standard Posts
6x6x8 Standard Posts
6x6x10 Standard Posts
All of our posts are available in #2 – 6’, 8’, and 10’ lengths.

Cedar Rails
2x4x8 Standard Rails
2x4x8 Premium Rails
2x6x8 Standard Rails
2x8x8 Standard Rails
All our rails are available in Lassen – 8’ and 10’ rails.

Additional Info on Our Grading

El Dorado is #1 – 2 Face Fencing
Placer is #2 – No Hole Fencing
Lassen is a tight knot post and rail
All boards, posts, and rails are unseasoned, rough sawn
UPRR and VNRR Boxcars, A-Frames, Vans and Trucks
Value Added:
All products are treated with anti-sap stain

The Different Styles of Privacy Fencing

Decorative Privacy Fence:
We can understand that sometimes you might want to enhance the design of your privacy fence instead of leaving it the natural cedar look. There are many different ways you can add some décor to your fence with simple additions like post caps, stain, paint or even adding accent boards to act and look as trim. Our fencing specialists are great at not only helping you with the buying process, but helping you design your fence as well.

Standard Privacy Fence:
The standard privacy fence is mainly where you leave the pickets natural with the average cut. This is the most common style of privacy fencing you will see in neighborhoods with the occasional decorative privacy fence.

Horizontal Privacy Fence:
This style of privacy fence is the same as the standard design, just with the pickets facing a horizontal direction instead of a vertical position like most privacy fences. This is an easy way to give your fence some character and a more decorative look without adding any post caps or trim boards.

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