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Commonly Asked Fencing Questions

Here at Cedar Fence Direct, we understand that if you are adding a fence to your home you may have a few questions and may feel slightly overwhelmed. Don’t worry, we are here to help you in every aspect. Now we are sure one of your first questions is who are we? Well,...

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Preventing Wood Fence Rotting?

If you currently have a wooden fence or you are planning on building one, preventing wood fence rotting should be one of your biggest concerns. Rot not only affects the overall look of your wood fence, but it compromises its integrity.  Unfortunately, since wood...

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Why Cedar Fencing Is The Best!

As a homeowner it is almost a natural impulse to fence your yard! Cedar fencing serves many purposes, property boundary, privacy, security, and visual aesthetics. Whether you have several sprawling acres or a small yard in the suburbs, fences are a necessary must!...

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Colorado Fence Laws

As a homeowner it is not uncommon that you will often have a dispute with your neighbor. Once of the most common issues that causes stress and strain among neighbors involves privacy fences. To reduce that chance that you will get into a disagreement with your...

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