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What makes a fence a valuable asset? The answer will vary depending on who you talk to. Although many homeowners agree that a fence is a worthwhile investment, not every homeowner chooses to build a fence for the same reason.

A fence is a project that takes time, money, energy, and resources to complete. Whether you are planning to build an entirely new fence or replace an old one, knowing the reasons why you want to construct a fence can help you plan the perfect fence that will meet your specific needs.

Why build a fence?

One homeowner might want a fence to give them more privacy, while another homeowner might need one to keep their new puppy from wandering off. Before you break ground, it is important to consider what you personally hope to achieve by constructing a fence.

A Fence Outlines Boundaries

A fence that goes around the perimeter of your property is a physical representation of your property lines. It indicates what is and is not yours, giving your neighbors and even those simply passing by a clear line of that established boundary.

A Fence Acts as a Deterrent

A fence is a structure that keeps people from casually or intentionally strolling into your space. It is a boundary line that naturally discourages others from encroaching on land that is not theirs.

A Fence Minimizes Trespassing

A fence is a security measure that makes intruders think twice before entering your private land. It lets uninvited guests know that this land, yard, or property is off-limits.

A Fence Keeps Animals In or Out

A fence keeps out stray and wandering animals and keeps them in your personal pets. The fence type you want will depend on the type of animals you have, ranging from small dogs to larger animals like horses and cows.

A Fence Helps to Contain Children

As every parent with a determined kid knows, no fence comes with a 100% guarantee to contain children. But more often than not, a strong and sturdy fence works most of the time.

A Fence Prevents Weed Growth

A fence is not just a convenient barrier that restricts animal or human trespassers. It also serves as a physical obstacle for trespassing weeds. Yes, some types of weeds are unstoppable, but many weeds can be discouraged from growing in your yard when a well-built fence gets in their way.

A Fence Provides Privacy

If you want to create a place that is free from onlooking eyes, a standard privacy fence is an excellent solution. After all, your yard is an extension of your living space, and most people like want to relax and enjoy that space out of sight from others.

A Fence Creates Curb Appeal

When a fence is well-maintained, it is a beautiful addition to any property. Well-maintained is the key, though. You want your fence to be eye-catching for all the right reasons and not because it’s an eyesore.

A Fence Increases Market Value

Curb appeal goes hand-in-hand with home value. A well-kept fence is a landscaping design element that has the potential to increase your overall property value.

How to Determine the Right Fence For You

When trying to decide which kind of fence will best meet your needs, it is important to remember that not every fence will serve every role listed above. This means you must carefully select the type of fence you install if you have particular opinions about what your fence should accomplish. The main points to consider include:


Certain fence designs are better equipped than others to safeguard your yard. For example, a chain link fence is not considered a privacy fence since it does not block out the view of others. On the other hand, a cedar privacy fence with slats tightly arranged one right next to the other would provide significantly more privacy compared to the woven-hole pattern of a chain link fence.


From short to tall, a fence can be built at all heights. If you have large animals to contain, a short fence simply won’t do. Furthermore, if you want to completely conceal your yard from those passing by, you must have a tall fence. The height of your fence needs to match your preferred level of security.


Certain fencing materials carry more aesthetic value, withstand more wear and tear, require more maintenance and upkeep, and so on. Your material choice will impact the lifespan of your fence.

What you want in a fence will vary from what the next person finds important in a fence. When you take the time to think about why you want to build a fence, you can better determine what type of fence will be that long-term investment you are looking for.