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You can’t stop trees from growing, but you can take some steps to prevent their growth from overcoming (and damaging) fences. Some of our readers had some tips about how you can protect fences from errant branches. Keep reading to find out what they recommend.
Chuck Smith

Chuck Smith

Leave a Large Clearance

Fencing costs a lot of money, and you want it to last as long as possible and look its best for as long as possible to get your money’s worth. One common way that fencing can become damaged is through the growth of trees through the fence, causing structural damage.

There are several ways to prevent trees from overgrowing through fences. One way is to simply prune the tree regularly. This will ensure that the tree does not get too big and that the branches do not have a chance to grow through the fence. Pruning any branches that grow to the fence quickly is key because if they grow too much, it can be difficult to prune without damaging the fence. It can be difficult to keep an eye on the tree all the time, though, so you might look for other ways to keep the tree from damaging your fence.

Another way is to plant the tree in a pot or container. This will limit the tree’s root growth and prevent it from growing too close to the fence. Also, you have far more control over where the tree grows and how it grows, and you can simply move it to where you feel is most appropriate. However, this obviously does limit the size your tree can grow. It can also require more general maintenance.

The main thing to be aware of is that you want to leave a meter-wide clearance around your fence. This is to avoid the tree or anything else overgrowing and causing structural damage to the fence. This requires quite a bit of maintenance at first, but it’s an effective long-term solution. Having a large clearance requires the occasional pruning and checks, which you should ideally be doing anyway.

It’s also important to note that not all trees are created equal, and some will naturally grow to be larger than others.

Before planting a tree, do your research to make sure it won’t outgrow the space you have for it. This assumes that you haven’t already planted your tree, but it can also be useful to reach what trees you have in your garden if you are not sure. This can allow you to organize your space more efficiently and respond to your garden’s needs. It can also help you keep your tree healthy and reduce the chance of falling branches or even a falling tree. A healthy tree is a strong tree that is less likely to topple over or have branches break off. Make sure to water and fertilize your trees on a regular basis.

By following these tips, you can help prevent trees from overgrowing through fences and keep your property looking neat and tidy.

Three Ways to Keep Trees Away from Fences

    1. Regular pruning. Pruning the tree’s branches once or twice a year will prevent them from growing into neighboring yards and damaging the fence.

    2. Increase the height of your fence. Installing a lattice on top of the fence will give the fence extra height to create a barrier between your tree and the neighbor’s yard.

    3. Install a root barrier. If you’re planting a new tree near a fence, it’s a good idea to install a root barrier along the length of your fence to prevent tree roots from growing through it. To install a root barrier, you’ll need to dig a trench along the length of the fence and line it with a root barrier that is at least 30 cm below the surface of the soil.

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Four Ways to Protect Your Fence

To keep trees from overgrowing through your fence, here are a few tips:

    1. Trim your trees regularly by pruning them. This will help keep the branches from growing too close to the fence.

    2. Plant shrubs or evergreens around the base of the trees to act as a protective barrier.

    3. Install a fence extender or an additional fence panel at the top of the fence to provide an extra barrier to the tree branches.

    4. Use a chemical spray for keeping the branches and leaves away from the fence.

Regular Pruning and Mulch

There are several ways to prevent trees from overgrowing through a fence:

    ● Regular pruning. Regularly prune the branches of the tree that are growing towards the fence to keep them at bay.

    ● Root barriers. Install a root barrier around the base of the tree to prevent the roots from growing toward the fence.

    ● Distance. Plant the tree farther away from the fence so that it will have less chance to overgrow.

    ● Trunk guards. Install trunk guards around the base of the tree to prevent animals from gnawing at the base and causing damage to the tree that can lead to overgrowth.

    ● Mulch. Use a thick layer of mulch around the tree to prevent the growth of weeds and other unwanted plants that can compete with the tree for resources.

It is important to note that regular tree service is key to preventing overgrowth and it is also important to consider the type of tree, growth rate, and mature size when selecting trees to plant near fences.

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