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What’s the purpose of a home? For protection of course! So off that logic, a fence that increases protection and establishes boundaries among neighbors, should be a necessary step in any home building process. Here at Rocky Mountain Forest Products, we have four different types of fences to choose from. We offer privacy fences, split rails, post and dowel, as well as ranch rail. But that begs the question, which one should you choose?

Decisions, Decisions…

Privacy fences, as the name suggests, creates boundaries to keep kids and pets safe, as well as deterring burglars or other unwanted visitors.

Also depending on your living location, the benefit of a privacy fence can result in to noise reduction. For our other fence styles, choosing between them comes down to personal preference. There are only a few differences among the other styles, none that would make one selection better than the other; they just offer different features. For example, post and dowel fences are pressure treated to resist rot while split rails utilize natural oils and resins to do so.

Getting Started!

From helping you choose the type of fence, to the exact specifications of the wood being used, we got you covered! Our specialists will help facilitate this part of your project so that you’re nothing but excited to start building your ideal fence. Regardless of which fence design you choose, having any of them will ultimately increase your home’s resale value by improving the aesthetic quality and overall function of the house. So start choosing!