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Privacy fences have been, and continue to be, one of the most popular styles of fences. Their functionality to create boundaries for safety and privacy makes them highly desirable, and the ability to paint and stain for creative control does as well. However, you want a fence that will help your home stand out, so why conform to the standard? In this quick article we’ll give you some privacy fence ideas to help you spice up your fence and add character to your home.

Horizontal Fences

Horizontal fences are perfect for those who live on sloped areas. But this style isn’t just limited to living on a hill or slant, as this unique take on a privacy fence looks great in any scenario. Incorporating this design will put an interesting spin on your typical privacy fence. It’s not difficult to build and it will maintain the functionality of a standard, privacy fence while looking truly unique.


A Trellis fence or screen is a great way to add more seclusion to your property. Adding a “sanctuary” or private escape aspect is good not just for your property’s aesthetics, but your mental health as well. Trellis additions are perfect for incorporating more greenery to your yard, giving you a tranquil space to let loose after a long week of work.

Planter Boxes

One interesting, and quite easy, method of adding some life to your fence is to add planter boxes right on the face of the fence. One common practice when doing this is to use all the wood that wasn’t used for your fence, all the waste, as the frame for your planter boxes. This way you’re getting the most out of what you paid for.


Adding a gate is another excellent way to add some uniqueness and character to your fence. This will take a little more time, money, and effort compared to these other, simpler DIY approaches. Read about installing a gate, here.


Depending on who your contractor is or how confident you are in you DIY abilities, going for a custom fence is another option as well. One of our clients, a lake house property, had their privacy fence completely customized where the top of each picket was carved into a wave and along the fence, using the extra wood, to form boats and fishes for pure decorative purposes.

Overall, one of the most effective ways of adding character and vibrancy to your fence is to utilize your spare wood in a decorative manner. Take some of these methods and try incorporating them into your privacy fence ideas. The possibilities of your privacy fence ideas are only limited to your imagination!