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You’ve been using the wrong materials for your fence.

Well, if you’ve been using Cedar you’re in the clear, but if you haven’t then now’s the time to initiate the transition into using the most popular fence material.

But why exactly is Cedar a better option than something like vinyl? There are a few reasons as to why these materials are so popular for Denver cedar fences, in comparison to other materials:

1. Cedar is known to be the most cost-effective material.

So if you want to stay within a specific budget, going with Denver cedar fences is the solution for you.

2. Cedar is also one of the easiest and most workable materials to use.

Cedar can be cut and nailed with ease using only common household tools, making it a perfect material for the DIYers.

3. As you may already know, Cedar provides a natural resistance to rot, decay, insect attacks, and even moisture.

With these resistant characteristics, Cedar is right at home in the outdoors – all you have to do is paint and a stain to ensure your fence lasts two decades or more.

4. In an environment like Colorado’s (ranging from the very dry, to the very wet) pressure treated wood will likely shrink, warp or split.

This can even happen within weeks of installation. Not with Cedar! An incredibly stable wood, Cedar won’t fall victim to the warping, shrinking or checking that is seen in pressure treated woods.

5. Man made fencing, such as vinyl, can have their pros but they also have their cons.

In short, Vinyl fences are more vulnerable to the natural elements and extreme weather conditions (which we see plenty of here in Colorado) and are more difficult to maintain.

Cedar Fence Direct is the optimal solution for homeowners. Our natural wood materials provide resistances that other materials can’t, giving you the longest lifespan for your fence.


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