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Pop quiz! Which one of these is false?

  1. Post and Dowel Fences can’t resist rot or decay.
  2. The color in Post and Dowel Fences comes naturally.
  3. Post and Dowel Fences don’t last as long as other types of fences.
  4. Post and Dowel Fences are the most expensive type of fence.

This may have been unfair because it’s a trick question…They’re all false!

When choosing the type of fence for your yard, you’ll want to make the most informed decision as possible. You don’t want to go with one style only to find out a few weeks later that an alternative would’ve been a better choice.

So we’ll quickly summarize and cover the 5 things to know before buying a Post and Dowel Fence:

1. Post and Dowel fences can absolutely resist rot and decay.

The materials used in Post and Dowel fences are Pressure Treated Pine logs. Unlike Cedar materials, which resist these things through their natural oils and resins, the chemical pressure treatment is what gives these Pine logs their resistive characteristics.

2. The yellow and green color that you see with Post and Dowel fences doesn’t occur naturally.

Through the chemical pressure treatment process, these pine logs are able to retain their unique coloring they are known for.

3. Post and Dowel fences can last just as long as any other fence style, going 15 to 20 years with ease.

Climate can be a large variable when determining the lifespan of your fence, so depending on the area you live in you’ll need to compensate appropriately. Regardless of the style you have, every fence will need regular upkeep and maintenance to ensure you get the most years out of your materials.

4. With any fence, there are certain variables that can make it more expensive.

These factors include the linear footage of your project, the diameter of your logs, as well as the number of rails per section. That being said, depending on what materials you want, your project can end up being cheaper or more expensive. To really get a good grasp on price differences among materials, we recommend that you come down to our warehouse and speak with a specialist.

5. Unlike Split Rail fences, you can apply wiring or chain links as a way to add more security.

Adding in a wire backing can be useful to keep out smaller, unwanted guests. So areas sees a lot of activity from smaller sized animals like rabbits, would be a good reason for wire applications.

If you still have questions, referring to our brochures can be a great resource. This exclusive content isn’t found anywhere else on our site, so don’t miss out on all the extra help! Download a free eBook now!