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Take a second and think about at the average homeowner’s lifestyle.

Hard at work. Busy. And most likely desires a sanctuary to escape that chaos of everyday life.

So when the topic of fence repair or fence replacement comes up, many see this as a burden or a hassle. Like many home improvement projects, people can see them as a hassle, burden or a roadblock to enjoy the weekend. Wouldn’t you rather spend your weekend hanging with the family, going for a hike or partaking in whatever leisure activity you’re passionate about? That’s where Cedar Fence Direct comes into play.

We are straying away from the traditional methods of wood fences to better accommodate the busy lifestyle of the modern homeowner.

But how are we doing this? In-Home estimates at a time that works for you! In this article we’ll go over 3 reasons why you should be taking advantage our in-home estimates:

1) Selecting Your Fence Materials from Home

When you schedule an appointment with one of our specialists, the first and foremost benefit is that you won’t have to travel to a lumber yard!

We bring samples of the different material options we have – made into small sections so you can see how the fence will look with said materials – to help form your decision. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying for.

Besides, who doesn’t love the idea of shopping without having to leave your home?

2) Accurate Fence Budgets

While some homeowners know how to measure their project to get an idea of how much material they need, there is still a great portion of people that don’t know how to do so.

This leads to another great benefit from choosing in-home estimates: accurate budgets and measurements from a highly trained and knowledgeable specialist.

There’s nothing worse than buying fence materials then starting to install only to realize you don’t have enough materials. By selecting an in-home fence estimate, our specialists will accurately measure your project and give you an estimate on the quantity and cost of your materials.

That way, before your project even breaks ground, you’ll know exactly how much the cost will be so you can budget your project and finances accordingly.

3) More Time for You!

Of course, another huge benefit from in-home fence estimates is that you’ll have more time for you and what you’d like to be doing in your spare time.

While some view this process as a hassle, our methods allows you to get your entire shopping process done in a fraction of the time compared to if you went to a big-box store. The estimating process can be done very quickly and our specialists will facilitate the majority of your project (i.e. delivery of materials and even installer referrals if need be).

So forget heading to a big-box store trying to figure out what you need and choose to stay in the comfort of your home and receive high quality and expert knowledge from a Fence specialist at Cedar Fence Direct.

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