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So the time has come to either build or fix a fence for your property. Exciting, isn’t it?

While the act itself of rebuilding or installing a fence may not be the highlight of your weekend, Cedar Fence Direct can actually add a bit of life and energy to a tasked previously seen as a “burden”.

How can we do this?

By being different than any other, typical material supply company!

But the more important question is, why do people choose to buy from the places they do? Generally, as a consumer, you’ll want to do some research about the different options available to you so you can find the perfect fit for your needs.

So for this quick article we’ll cover 5 key points on how we compare to another local supplier, Split Rail Fence Company:

#1 – In-Home Estimates

At Cedar Fence Direct we bring the lumber yard to you.

Rather than having you come to our location to look at material options, we’ll bring them to your project’s location.

All you have to do is schedule an appointment – at a time of your choosing – and a highly trained veteran of fencing will come to your project, accurately measure your project and then give you an estimate on your required materials.

#2 – True wholesale for the best value

As a wholesaler of materials, you’ll get the best value in town – guaranteed.

We are able to buy better materials at a lower cost, thus giving you an immediate savings of at least 15% compared to big box stores.

So if you’re in the market to save money, Cedar Fence Direct will help cut back on your costs!

#3 – Mill direct for the largest selection

As a consumer, it can get frustrating calling around for a particular product that a supplier should carry, but doesn’t.

Not at Cedar Fence Direct.

We purchase our materials mill direct. This means we can get any dimension of lumber and a wider range of species than any other supplier in the Denver Metro area.

Regardless of what material you want your fence to be made up of or any particular size you need, we can accommodate.

#4 – Labor Referrals for your benefit

Because we only sell materials, the installer or contractor for your fence will be at your discretion.

However, because we work hand in hand with countless local contractors on a regular basis we can give you a list of a few options to help narrow your search. This way you can shop around and get different labor estimates to see who will further cut back on your costs.

We do this merely as a courtesy, so if you have a contractor or installer already lined up – that’s perfectly fine!

#5 – Every fence design is at your disposal

We’ve specialized in lumber products since 1974, and with this experience we’ve realized that it would be foolish to not offer the materials for the most common fence designs.

Whether you’re looking for a standard privacy fence, a rustic split rail, a traditional ranch rail or even a post and dowel – we have all the necessary materials and experience to get the job done!