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Price. Price. Price.

It tends to be the determining factor when we think of purchasing something we want.

But in our industry, an exact cost or “out-the-door” price isn’t something that will be consistent across all project types.

That’s because there are multiple factors that can change the price/cost. So what are those factors? Let’s find out!

Number 1: Material

Depending on which material you choose, your cost will vary as different grades or qualities of your fence pickets will range in price. So if you’re looking for some pickets just to get the job done, a rustic grade will be perfect. They’re the least expensive option, yet still provides an amazing, durable aesthetic. The higher grades will contain less knots and have a more clear appearance, so if you’re trying to make your neighbors jaw drop, then a Quality grade or Premium grade could be the answer!

Number Two: Length

Because the nature of the products we are selling, our pricing is determined by linear feet. What does that mean? Your fence length will determine your overall cost! Therefore, a shorter fence will require less material, thus costing less than a longer fence.

Number 3: Landscape

This factor, which can actually be tied to the first two, will also create changes to your cost. If your property varies in height (like a hill) then you may need more material, or variations done to your materials/design, to complete your installation.

Number 4: Gates

Yes, even these aesthetic additions will change up the cost of your fence. It’ll also change your required amount of materials, as the gate itself will take the place of at least one section of pickets. Plus, while they’re super cheap, you’ll have to purchase gate hardware as well (i.e. hinge and latch kit).

While these factors may affect the cost of your fence, you can still get your project done for a price much lower than you may have thought – especially when you shop with Cedar Fence Direct!

Take some time to learn about the different grades available to you, and speak with one of our specialists! We can help you plan out the best looking fence for your budget!


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