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So the time has come to either upgrade or repair your fence.

While most homeowners see this as a burden, it can actually be quite an enjoyable task! Rather than looking at your project as a chore, think of it as a design experience!

Take some time to look at your options for the type of wood fences we offer and see what style would be ideal for your home. Depending on your location, each type of fence can bring a different set of pros, as well as cons, to the table.

To help you form your decision, we’ll quickly cover 4 types of wood fences that we offer and their aesthetic and functional benefits.

Privacy Fence

The most common type of fence, Privacy fences have been the number one choice for homeowners for years. They provide a safe boundary for your home, effectively keeping in your kids and pets safe. But largely, the main benefit of these fences are that they create privacy so homeowners can enjoy an outdoor living area without the extra or unwanted attention.

Regardless of where your property resides, whether it be up in the mountains or down in a metro, urban city area, privacy fences would be perfect. Their simple, traditional design allows for their design to be utilized in any area without looking out of place.

Split Rail Fence

The second most popular style of wood fencing, especially here in Colorado, Split Rail fences provide a beautiful, rustic design while still maintaining the ability to set boundaries for your property. However, the only real downside with split rail fences resides in the fact that they do not provide as much privacy as a privacy fence

Our split rail fences can come in either 2 or 3 rail systems, which means you’ll have more ways to get creative with your design! Similar to Privacy fences, these designs can thrive in any location but are most commonly suited for mountainous regions and cabin like settings.

Ranch Rail Fence

If you can imagine a fence that surrounds a large farm property, then you’re probably thinking of a ranch rail fence. Ranch rail fences are similar to split rails, yet provides a little bit of a twist. As another rail system fence, these types of wood fences provide a cleaner and sleeker look than a split rail while still maintaining a rail design.

Ranch Rail Style

The best part about ranch rail fences, is that they are more versatile compared to split rail fences. While split rail fences are more suited for a mountainous area, so can a ranch rail but if decided to install in a metro area, the design would also thrive.

Post and Dowel Fence

The last type of fence we’ll cover, is a Post and Dowel fence. Also referred to as a Western Rail fence, this design is known for its rounded posts and rails. Our Post and Dowel fence materials have been manufactured from Pine logs and are pressure treated, which gives the wood that green hue it’s known for.

While we’ve seen them installed all over the state, in a multitude of areas, this particular design can be best suited for residential, suburban areas.

Post and Dowel Fence