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There is nothing more important than protecting your home! Today’s homeowner has several options to secure their home with everything from indoor alarm systems, outdoor security camera and motion detected lighting, and electric fences. Many of you may already have these but want to add some additional protection from intruders and unwanted guests. When planning your home security plan do not overlook the easiest and quickest way to access your property- the driveway. Consider installing a driveway gate.

Whether it is attached to a perimeter fence or stands alone, a driveway gate is a great deterrent. The selection of driveway gates has come a long way and can be quite an attractive addition to your entry way. Driveway gates are not only for large or drive-through driveways on large properties, but for the traditional suburban home as well.

Here are some additional reasons to add a driveway gate to your home besides security:

Curb Appeal: Driveway gates can be made out of various materials so that you can find the right look to match your homes décor. You can choose anything from wood to wrought iron. The beauty of your driveway gate will add to the first impression of your property.

Property Value: Any addition to your home that adds to the curb appeal will automatically increase the property value. This will benefit you in the long run when you decide to sell your property.

Convenience: Most modern driveway gates are electric, meaning that you never have to leave the comfort of your car until you are in the garage. With a simple remote control or key pad, you have a secure entry at your fingertips.

Steel Reinforcements: Many homeowners that have a wood privacy fence are reluctant to add a metal gate in fear of compromising their curb appeal. If you have built a customized wood privacy fence and want to add a security driveway gate, it is possible to use wood and reinforce it with steel for the same protection as an entirely metal driveway gate.

Security Accessories: Not only will a driveway gate prevent unauthorized entries, but can allow you a bird’s eye view right from the gate. By installing security cameras and voice boxes on your driveway gate, you can actually see and speak to anyone that is attempting to enter your property.

Not only is it important that you have quick and easy entry through your driveway gate, you want to ensure that it securely closes behind you. Gates that are programmed with an automatic close will eliminate any human error because they do not require you to use the remote or to re-enter a code to close the driveway gate. Once your vehicle has passed the entry the gate, it will close and lock without requiring a second thought.

Some homeowners may be concerned with the fact that today’s driveway gates are electric, fearing that they can be trapped in or out if there is power failure. Any gate can be fitted with backup power to prevent such occurrences. Not having an electric driveway gate, defeats the initial security reinforcement that a homeowner is looking for, so do not hesitate. The back up power source can be battery or solar panels.

A driveway gate on average will range from $1,500 to $7,500 depending on the size and accessories. This is a relatively reasonable way to beef up your security and add the ambiance of your home. Having complete control over your property is priceless as a homeowner.


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