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One of the first things that any new homeowner wants when they have purchased a newly constructed home is a privacy fence. Using cedar fence pickets to bring a sense of privacy and ownership to your new home is easy!

If you have never purchased a new home before, many people mistakenly assume that the builder will pay for it or include it in the price of the home. Although everything is negotiable, this is usually not the case.

Take These Into Consideration When Planning Your Privacy Fence

  • The first thing to decide is if you are going to build the fence yourself using cedar fence pickets or are you going to have it installed? On average a 6’ privacy fence using cedar fence pickets will cost about $7.00 – 15.00 per linear foot for materials alone. If you have your cedar fence pickets installed, you can roughly double this to cover the entire cost of the fence.
  • Cedar fence pickets are one of the best choices for a privacy fence. Not only is it naturally insect resistant, it is rot resistant.
  • Cedar fence pickets can be left to weather naturally or be stained year to year.
  • Cedar fence pickets do not usually twist, warp, or split over time.
  • Cedar fence pickets can last for 15 – 30 years.
  • There are several ways customized cedar fence pickets by decoratively dog earring them.
  • Cedar fence pickets can be arranged in several different ways to give a unique look to your fence.
  • Although cedar fence pickets do not specifically add value to your home it is a much-needed necessity and will be coveted by any potential future homeowners.


When Building a Fence with Cedar Fence Pickets, Look Out for Future Construction Near By

Before moving forward with building your fence with cedar fence pickets look at the surrounding lots of your home and estimate future construction. If you are one of the first homes built in your subdivision you may want to wait until neighboring houses are complete. Often time construction crews will have to take down your cedar fence pickets to make way for trucks, tractors, and concrete trucks if foundations have not been put in.

Neighbors – Friend or Foe When Building with Cedar Fence Pickets

Hopefully your new neighbors will be pleasant and easy to work with. Unfortunately, often times this is not the case. You may want to wait until they move in and plan the fence together. Although property lines will dictate where your cedar fence pickets go, people may want to have a say in configuration and height.

Another benefit to waiting for you new neighbors is that they may be willing to help split the cost of the cedar fence pickets since you will be sharing the fence.

Cedar Fence Pickets | Flush or Staggered Side Panels?

Depending on your lot and that of your neighbor you will want to take some time to consider if you want the front panels of your fence flush with the front of your house or further back. The placement of these particular cedar fence pickets can affect aesthetics as well as gate placement.

Buying a new home is exciting but can be stressful at first until some of these major components are complete. Hopefully these tips will help you get off to the right start! If you have any additional questions regarding building a fence for your knew home, or if you are interested in other types of fencing materials, don’t hesitate to reach out! Our team of specialists would love to assist you in answering any questions you may have.