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New home buyers are finding that HOA’s are becoming very particular about fencing and fencing requirements. If you scour the internet you will see that many people have been posting complaints about the HOA’s fencing preferences in their new communities.

One new trend that HOA’s are implementing and not backing down from is the use of split rail fence in Denver. Many new communities are now only allowing split rail fence in Denver.  Some of the online complaints come from new homeowners that assumed that a traditional 6’ privacy fence was acceptable without reading the HOA manual. They opted to go ahead with the installation only to be met with demanding letters requiring them to immediately take their new fence down.

If you are currently in the process of purchasing a new home, MAKE SURE TO READ YOUR HOA GUIDELINES BEFORE INSTALLING A FENCE. After learning about fencing requirements some new homeowners are asking the builder to install the split rail fence in Denver at no charge to them. This is not happening, and builders are not budging.

When it comes to HOA’s requiring split rail fence in Denver you may feel it is a bit nitpicky, but they are boasting legitimate reasons. Despite the frustration over split rail fence requirements keep in mind that the HOA’s main goal is to keep the standards of the neighborhood high so that property values will stay up meaning your home is worth more in the end.

Here are the major reasons that HOA’s are requiring split rail fence in Denver:

  • Wind and Storm Resistant – In areas where wind and stormy weather are prevalent the use of split rail fence in Denver reduces property damage. Since split rail fence in Denver do not “catch” the wind so to speak so it is highly unlikely it will be blown down.
  • Height Restrictions – Today there are guidelines for fence height that pertain to the back and front of the yard. The root reason is aesthetics and visibility. Solid privacy fences that are 6-8’ in height not only obstruct views of open space, lakes, or other natural elements, they also cause safety hazards. They can restrict the view of automobiles or from a pedestrian seeing a loose dog who may not be so friendly. Split rail fences in Denver ensure that these issues won’t occur.

HOA’s feel that Split rail fences in Denver will benefit everyone in the long run.

  • Uniformity and Style– If you haven’t noticed, many new communities these stays are going back to the days where there are basic commonalities among lots and the exterior of houses. Split rail fences in Denver offer clean horizontal lines which are visually appealing. This consistent flow gives the appearance of uniformity.

The traditional split rail fence in Denver also easily blends in with every possible exterior design and architecture available.

  • Safe Pet Control – HOA’s feel that split rail fences in Denver still provide a way for homeowners to keep their pet from leaving the yard while allowing them to be visible to others.

Many HOA’s are allowing homeowners to put wire across the rails so that pets cannot escape. Split rail fence in Denver with wire still fits the bill to keep neighborhoods looking open and clean but with a hint of protection.

Being forced to follow HOA guidelines can be frustrating and can feel like your home in not truly your own, but don’t fret. In the end these rules and regulations will keep your community looking tip top and desirable. This will benefit you while you live there and if you ever decide to sell!