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Nestled among the rugged rolling hills of Winter park, Devil’s Thumb Ranch uses split rail fence in Denver. It is a historical and anthropological site full of stories and beauty! If you are looking for a place to add to your “must see” travel list for the Summer do not pass this one up!

Its origin can be traced back to a more rustic time when bison roamed the area and made their home within the confines of the long -standing split rail fence in Denver. During a time when smoke signals were the only mode of communication, the split rail fence encompassed the sprawling 4,000 acres of ranch land that became the site to many historical happenings.

The ranch was named by Ute and Arapaho tribes who spent decades feuding among the split rail fence in Denver that still stands today. The story goes that these Indian tribes buried the Devil on the grounds of the ranch near the split rail fence in Denver after resolving their differences leaving only his thumb exposed. This was to be a constant reminder of the fear, death, and destruction that war can bring. Today, visitors inside the split rail fence in Denver constantly report feeling the spiritual presence of the warriors of a time past.

The history of Devil’s Thumb Ranch does not stop here. Before the Trans-Continental Railroad opened in the early 1900’s outside of the split rail fence in Denver, stagecoaches frequented the near-by land. In fact, a stagecoach station was built along what is known as County Road 83 today.

The railroad is responsible for drawing thousands upon thousands of migrant settlers to pass by the split rail fence in Denver, but many chose to stake claim right on Devil’s Thumb Ranch. Despite their desire for wealth and riches, the settlers could not pass up the agriculturally healthy land that was often hard to find amidst the Rocky Mountains. The proof is in old photographs of the ranch land lined with split rail fence in Denver showing large crops and thriving livestock.

After centuries of operating as a ranch, a homestead and eventually a dairy, Devil’s Thumb Ranch eventually traded its rustic lifestyle for that of luxurious living! Today the ranch is a year- round resort that offers a respite inside its split rail fence in Denver from hurried city life. The current owners spent years and thousands of dollars revamping the ranch into a sustainable tourist attraction. The ranch has solar paneling, geothermal heating, and a state-of-the-art water filtration system making it very environmentally friendly. Inside the split rail fence in Denver visitors can enjoy activities that are reminiscent of old ranch style living, like horseback riding and cattle driving, or relax in the spa or sit by the pool surrounded by split rail fence in Denver.  

Devil’s Thumb Ranch promises an amazing Colorado Ranch Experience that you simply cannot find inside any other split rail fence in Denver. If you are looking to install split rail fencing for your next project, get in touch with us! Our experts will help you in the process, and offer you competitive (direct from mill) pricing!