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Woven wire fence is known by other names like box wire and no-climb. In essence this pertains to any fence that is configured in a grid form with vertical and horizontal wire. The size of the grid sections can vary widely depending on the circumstances.

Although other fences are effective at keeping animals in or out, woven wire fence is proven to have the most security. A tight grid woven wire fence that is nailed securely to sturdy post can keep even the smallest rabbit out. This cannot be said for other types of fences.

If it is installed correctly and with the correct measurements, woven wire fence can enclose large cattle and horses.

The only way for animals to get through is if the fence is actually broken.

If security if your main concern, then a woven wire fence is the perfect choice for you!

Woven Wire Fence: Posts

The optimal post for a successful woven wire fence is approximately five to six- inches round. Unlike other fence posts, woven wire fence posts are placed closer together. This configuration is where the durability and strength come from.

Determining how far apart to space your woven wire fence posts depends on the size of the wire’s grid.

Woven Wire Fence

When choosing the size and type of woven wire that you want to use you will come across two of the most common types:

  • High Tensile Woven Wire
  • Non-High Tensile Woven Wire

The primary difference between the two is that the high tensile woven wire has been put through a specialized strengthening process. This process not only increase resilience but flexibility as well.

These two essential elements are what will keep your fence standing erect and taught for many many years.

Woven Wire Fence Uses

Although woven wire fence can be used for a variety of purposes, its main job is to keep animals of all sorts in or out. As mentioned before, it is effective with animals as small as a rabbit all the way to large cattle.

Woven Wire Fence Braces

To secure your woven wire fence with additional support you can brace the fence by putting the posts four feet in the ground and eight feet apart.

In conjunction with this, a horizontal pole is run between each post and secured with diagonally reinforced wire.

The Most Common Woven Wire Fence Design.

Woven wire fence is popular among farmers and ranchers that manage horses and cattle. Both of which are large but relatively easy to enclose.

A 13-48-6 grid is used with posts spaced every twelve feet. This is extremely secure and very difficult to break down. Even with the utmost force large livestock are unable to knock it down.

Installation of Woven Wire Fence

If you have some experience you can install your own woven wire fence. However, it is recommended that you contract the right professional with adequate knowledge and experience.

With high quality material and the right fence installation, a woven wire fence can literally last a lifetime.


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