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Arvada, Colorado has experienced a lot of growth with the opening of several new communities using split rail fence in Denver. One of these is Candelas which is located directly south of where the former Rocky Flats Chemical Plant was located using split rail fence.

Many people are concerned that due to contamination by plutonium and other toxic chemicals the housing development using split rail fence in Denver is not a safe place to live.

The Result of this Area Surrounded by Split Rail Fence in Arvada

Although Rocky Flats was dismantled and cleaned up over a decade ago many feel that the land that these new houses are sitting on using split rail fence in Denver have polluted soil which could cause major health hazards and illness.

More houses and schools using split rail fence in Denver are in the works despite the concerns surrounding Rocky Flats Chemical Plant.

Local news has reached out to consumers over the past several years urging them to do their own investigations before moving inside the split rail fence.

Colorado Environmental Protection Agents have spoken out in support of the residential community using split rail fence in Denver stating that research shows there is little risk to inhabitants of Candelas.

Despite the battling opinions many private organizations purport that “Candelas Glows” inside its split rail fences. Here are some of the major points that skeptics are arming consumers with before they make their final decision to move within any Candelas split rail fence:

  1. Many who believe the neighborhood is safe feel that they are buffered by the split rail fence of the Rocky Flat Wildlife Refuge. They have confidence in data released that a clean- up effort to remove radioactive chemicals occurred within the refuge making Candelas toxin free. However, no official documentation can be provided of when and how this occurred as well as any proof the land is clean outside the split rail fence.
  2. Despite the fact that buildings were removed when the plant shut down, excavators have proven that basements and substructures are still there outside the split rail fence of Candelas.
  3. After the area was decimated by a flood in 2013 before the split rail fences were built scientists have reported that water run -off from the ground of the plant spilled of into Candelas seeping into the ground inside the split rail fence spreading toxic waste.

With this evidence released for public record the real risk of living inside the split rail fence of Candelas is questionable. Many reporters have recorded undercover conversations with sales reps for the split rail fence community and caught them lying red handed.

Many Coloradans feel that they have been secretly compensated by the owners of the split rail fence community and therefore lie without guilt to prospective consumers.

The Colorado Department of Public Health (CDPHE) and Environment wants people to understand that there are measurable levels of plutonium with the split rail fences of Candelas. Sales reps tell home buyers that these are “acceptable” levels. The CDPHE asks…. There is actually an acceptable amount of plutonium inside the split rail fence of Candelas?