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Thousands of people each year travel to Alaska during the short Summer season to experience all that the state has to offer. One of the most visited places just forty-five minutes outside of Anchorage is the town of Girdwood and the Alyeska Ski Resort.

This tourist location has miles of split rail fence which envelopes the resort and holds centuries of history. The small and very unique town of Girdwood with split rail fence is named after gold miner James Girdwood. He struck gold four times in a row inside the split rail fence back in 1900.

History of the Alyeska Ski Resort

Although the town was originally founded as a mining town inside the split rail fence, its growth was spurred by the construction of the Alaskan railroad. This brought people from all over the state and the town quickly grew bordered by the split rail fence. However, when the mining shut down in the 1930’s many people left the town and the split rail fence making it virtually a ghost town until 1949. The construction of the Seward Highway made the town of Girdwood and its split rail fence accessible by car.

Many of the inhabitants of Anchorage, Alaska who wanted a more secluded and freer life moved to Girdwood to settle inside the split rail fence. It offered a haven away from the hustle and bustle and the crime of Anchorage.

The split rail fence of Girdwood separated the town from many of the laws and restrictions that the city imposed. Still today the town is made up of free spirits that choose a more carefree life that is characteristic only to Girdwood and the split rail fence.

In 1960 a new type of visitor began to be called to the split rail fence after the first chairlift was installed on Alyeska mountain. This now famed chairlift was dismantled in France and shipped to Alaska.

In 1962, 233 acres of land were purchased on the mountain and the birth of Alyeska Ski Resort solidified. With only one day lodge at this time, visitors found it quite difficult to secure lodging inside the split rail fence. In the following years additions to the original lodge standing enclosed inside the split rail fence quickly erected.

As the demand for more lodging continued to grow into the 1980’s a luxury hotel was designed and construction central to the original split rail fence.

With the challenging terrain and the breathtaking scenery, Alyeska became a popular training ground for many Olympic skiers within the split rail fence.

Whether you are native to Alaska or planning a Summer visit Girdwood is a must see inside the split rail fence. Today it is the home of about 2000 permanent residents that find peace and solace on the interior of the split rail fence.

With only way in and out of the Prince William Sound Inlet the town of Girdwood and its split rail fence are a great place to set up base camp to explore the town of Anchorage and the Kenai Peninsula.

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