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No matter what type or size of yard that you have a fence is pretty much a must. Fences provide security, privacy, aesthetic value, and boundary identification. There are multiple traditional fencing materials to choose from and even more unique fencing options. If you are looking to put up a new fence around or within your yard here are some ideas!

The Rustic Split Rail Fence

Although it may be new a rustic split rail fence can be made to look decades old. The traditional 3-rail configuration can be left to weather naturally or stained to brighten it up or dull it down.

Depending on whether you choose to use smooth split rail fencing or some with various grades of texture you can get the right amount of “rustic” that you are looking for.

Simplicity In Boundaries

If you do not need your fence to enclose animals or children or to provide privacy there a lot of charming fencing options that you can use.

Custom 2-Rail Split Rail Fence

A variation of the traditional 3-rail split rail this configuration has a bit of whimsy. You can use rounded rails and customize the top of the posts with post caps or carving.

Creative Split Rail Fence Configurations

If you like the split rail fence but want some character, consider changing up how you configure the rails.

By simply alternating 2 and 3 rails within each section you can get an interesting look.

You can also crisscross the rails for a zig zag look instead of the traditional horizontal design

Shadows In The Afternoon

Again, if privacy is not your goals then using slated fencing can give your yard afternoon ambiance. The space between the pickets will allow sun to shine through. The low afternoon early/evening sun will create beautiful shadows on the ground for dimension and mood.

Stand Out With Color

Just because you chose to use wood for your fence does not mean you have to stick with natural shades of brown. Painting and staining your fence can really make it pop and will highlight flowers and other vegetation that you plant up against it.

Wide Planks

If you have a flowerbed or garden that you need to enclose consider putting up a short fence using wide horizontal planks. This will not only provide the separation that you desire but will create a simple backdrop to the plants and flowers you are growing inside.

Modern Chic

Wooden fences are often quite sleek on their own. But installing decorative gates or elaborate decorative sections across the top you can give your fence a modern look.

Beautiful Bamboo

If you are looking for a more exotic fence line think about bamboo. Evenly cut bamboo poles will deliver clean lines and the illusion of a larger yard. Bamboo is easy to work with and you can easily create a fence of any height.

These are just a few of the many fun options that are out there for fencing. Your fence is often the first thing that people see so take the time to pick the right one for your home.


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