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Its that time of year again when you may be planning to install a new fence or upgrading an existing one. Sadly, that process isn’t as easy as you might like. Your fence will need to be an HOA approved fence. In most planned neighborhoods HOA’s have strict guidelines to the types of fences that they require or will allow.

If you do not get the approval of your HOA you will find that they will make you take down your fence causing you a lot of time and money.

Building an HOA Approved Fence

We have compiled some fool proof tips to ensure that your fence plans will get approved by your HOA.

  • First and foremost, take the time to read your HOA regulations. No… this is not the most interesting reading material, but knowledge is power. This is the best place to become familiar with your neighborhoods HOA requirements for everything, not just your fence.
  • You will have to submit your plans in writing so as you do your research takes notes along the way. Also jot down any questions that you come across that you may want to ask them about.
  • Do not just rely on the written portion of your fence proposal to get an approval. Include photos, drawings, and blueprints if pertinent.
  • Be specific on the type of materials that you will be using and the design configuration.
  • You will find that during the approval process of your fence the HOA will often call you and send letters with questions. Make sure that you make a full copy of everything that you send them so that you can properly address concerns in a timely manner.
  • Always send documents certified mail to document delivery dates.
  • Upon receipt ask them for a date by which the HOA will render a final decision about your fence proposal.
  • If you receive a denial do not be frustrated. This is not uncommon and is usually due to missing information. Most people do not know that you can request to present your fence proposal in front of the appeal board to help speed things along.
  • DO NOT go by what your contractor says. To get the job done quickly many fence contractors will tell you that your fence meets your HOA’s requirements. Do not let them start building before you receive an approval.

Even though HOA’s can be frustrating they are working in your best interest! It is their due diligence that will keep your neighborhood looking great.

Getting a fence proposal approved can be a timely process but by communicating with each other you will eventually get the YES that you are waiting for.

If you have gotten the approval from your HOA to build a fence, awesome! Don’t forget to contact Cedar Fence Direct for all your wholesale fence needs!