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If you have the chance to stroll through some of the quaint streets that border the town of Boulder you will see that western red cedar fencing has in fact become the fence material of choice.

Western Red Cedar Fencing

When it comes to enclosing your yard, cedar fencing can’t be beat. Its superior quality and continuous beautiful appearance make western red cedar so popular.

Whether you decide to do a traditional picket fence, board fence, privacy fence, or split rail fence western red cedar will last for decades. Not only is it long lasting it requires little to no upkeep.

The average western red cedar fence will last anywhere from 10 to 25 years.

Western red cedar has a unique look all its own. It has a rich grain texture and a wide array of red tones. That is why western red cedar does not require staining!

Over the years western red cedar will turn gray but it will still harmoniously blend in with your landscape. Rest assured that this color change does not in any way compromise the integrity of the wood.

Why Choose Western Red Cedar Fencing

The natural oils that are in cedar are another reason that citizens of Boulder love it! These oils make western red cedar naturally resistant to decay and insects meaning that you do not have to do any chemical treatments. Therefore, it is a sound investment and eco-friendly.

Studies also show that western red cedar does not generate greenhouse gases like other building materials. In fact, western red cedar actually removes these gases from the atmosphere.

And unlike composite or aluminum fencing western red cedar is renewable and biodegradable. Western red cedar is also harvested only from sustainable and managed forests that follow strict logging rules and regulations.

More than 85% of the timberlands in British Colombia, where most of the western red cedar comes from, is under forest certification.