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Fence contractors are a hardworking labor force that often get little to no recognition among the skilled trades. Because of this it has always been a struggle for fence contractors to set themselves apart from the rest. Credentials for fence contractors are a fantastic way for fence contractors to stand out, not to mention a great way for homeowners to trust they are employing the correct fence builder!

Hiring a fence contractor can be a very stressful task for homeowners. If you do not get any recommendations from friends and family, you may not know where to start. 

There has been an influx in resources for homeowners when they are looking to find a skilled tradesman for various jobs around the home. There are now referral websites and community websites that post reputable tradesmen with references. 

This still does not eliminate the chance that you could hire an unreliable, unskilled, and unprofessional fence contractor. 

However, don’t be discouraged! There is yet another way for homeowners to rest assured they are hiring a skilled professional…fence contractor credentialing!  

Credentials for Fence Contractors

This is the first credentialing opportunity for fence contractors since the 1980’s when the Certified Fence Professional designation was introduced by the Fence Industry Association. 

The American Fence Association University (AFA) launched a Certified Fence Contractor Program (CFC) last November that is gaining a lot of clout. Once a fence contractor completes the required courses and passes the final exam, they will be able to proudly display the CFC credential behind their name. 

What does the CFC Designation Bring to the Table?

Candidates that eventually take the six -section written examination spend hundreds of hours studying marketing, advertising, sales, bidding and proposal production, insurance and legal issues, the basics of accounting, business structure, OSHA compliance, and safety management. 

These are all areas in which a fence contractor can emphasize his/her expertise when he is up against a fellow fence contractor for a job.

So How Hard is it to Pass the CFC Examination?

Despite studying each of the above topics for hours upon hours with licensed professionals in each field, any fence contractor that has less than 10 years of experience must first attend Fence Contractor Business School before they can begin the CFC program. 

Furthermore, credentials for fence contractors like the CFC as well as the examination after taking the require

d courses are not available to contractors that have less than two years of experience 

The public has always found great value in credentialing and many industries have made it a required standard. When homeowners are seeking service in a field in which they have little to no experience those letters after a name become the deciding factor.

Due to the strong response and enthusiasm from fence contractors and homeowners the AFA University is planning to open chapters across the nation to make this credentialing opportunity available to everyone interested. 

If you are in the market for a fence contractor look for those professionals that have the CFC designation. They have definitely earned it!

Once you find a contractor, don’t forget to get your fencing materials from a reputable source!


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