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If you currently have a wooden fence or you are planning on building one, preventing wood fence rotting should be one of your biggest concerns.

Rot not only affects the overall look of your wood fence, but it compromises its integrity. 

Unfortunately, since wood fences maintain constant contact with the ground and are exposed to the elements rot is inevitable. However, there are some things that you can do to help reduce rot.

Know The Difference Between Wet and Dry Rot

Believe it or not there are two kinds of rot, wet and dry. 

Wet rot is usually found at the base of your fence where it hits the ground. It is identifiable by cracking, warping, and softening of the lumber. You may also see fungal growth or experience a fowl smell when near rotting boards.

Dry rot is not caused by moisture but from exposure to harsh dry elements. The sun and wind prevent the natural oils in wood to disperse which eventually dries out your fence. This will leave the wood fragile and easy to break.

Choose The Right Species

By using hardier species like Cedar, Juniper, Redwood, and Cypress you can instantly reduce the chance of your fence rotting at the get go. Pine, Tamarack, and Douglas Fir are among the less faring species. 

Staining Is Essential for Preventing Wood Fence Rotting

Staining your fence will keep rotting at bay. If you stain your fence every year you will be surprised what a difference it will make. If you live in a climate where there are multiple environmental factors are at work twice a year would be even better.

A fail proof test to know if your fence needs to be re-stained is to spray it with water. If the water beads up on the surface of the fence the stain is sufficient. 

Clean Your Fence Regularly 

Build-up of damp leaves, grasses, and plants can quickly wreak havoc on your fence when it comes to rotting. Dirt and other debris can become lodged in the crevices allowing moisture to seep in. Simply spraying of your fence to remove these culprits every now and then can make a huge impact when your trying to ward off rot.

Preventing Wood Fence Rotting Can Be Done by Replace Rotten Boards Quickly

If you notice rotten boards replace them as quick as you can. Moisture and fungus from these boards will eventually spread making repairs more daunting and costlier. 

Keep extra pickets on hand so that you can remove rotting boards before this happens. 

Even though rot can take over your fence and ruin it for good you can combat it with these tips and others. By tackling it head on you will keep rot to a minimum and prevent yourself from having to replace entire sections!


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