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Many people truly enjoy an open yard that is unhampered by a cedar fence. Particularly if you have a stunning view that you want to enjoy year- round a fence many not be for you! Unfortunately, there are some lifestyle changes that can make installing a new cedar fence necessary.

Putting In A Pool Necessitate a New Cedar Fence

Whether you are installing a built-in or above ground pool a cedar fence is a must to protect you from liability. Keeping unwanted pool guests out tends to be the top worry for pool owners. Keeping your pool secure when it is out of your view can be done with a fence.

To protect from accidental drowning your cedar fence must be at least 6’ high and secure with locks. 

Having Children

Having an open backyard can be a luxury but once you have children it is just no longer practical. A  fence will safely enclose your small children and give parents peace of mind. 

Not only will it prevent little ones from wandering off it will keep out intruders and animals that may cause harm. Installing a privacy cedar fence can be the simplest deterrent to many types of danger.

Getting Pets

A  fence can become an invaluable addition to your yard if you are adding a new puppy or small livestock to your family. Just like children, furry and feathered friends require protection from themselves and others. 

New Construction? New Cedar Fence.

Unless you have sprawling acreage, you will probably want some privacy from your neighbors when you move into a new home. A fence can provide a visually appealing barrier between you and your neighbors. 

If there are more homes to be built in your neighborhood a cedar fence can also help shield you from the construction and keep unwanted visitors from wandering into your yard.

A New Cedar Fence May be Needed in a Deteriorating Neighborhood

Unfortunately changes in the economy can change the status of a neighborhood. More upscale neighborhoods tend to be naturally more protected from crime, vandalism, and intruders. 

If your neighborhood has experienced some negative changes a fence could provide some warranted security. A fence can provide a psychological security system for you and unwanted guests by enclosing your home and your belongings. 

Even if you are an avid homeowner that feels that cedar fences are an “eyesore” there may come a time that you need to install one. Cedar fences can be customized to give it a unique look that will enhance your current landscaping. A  fence can also add value to your home and obviously comes with many benefits! Give us a call to hear about our wholesale pricing on cedar fencing!