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We understand that if you are adding a fence to your home you may have a few questions and may feel slightly overwhelmed. Don’t worry, we are here to help you in every aspect. Now we are sure one of your first questions is who are we? Well, we are a specialty building supplier and we consider ourselves specialists all types of fencing on a large commercial level as well as individual residential projects. We carry a wide variety of fencing types of grades to help you design the perfect fence addition to your home. As a fencing specialist company, we get a lot of questions regarding fencing and our company. In this blog we will discuss some of the most commonly asked fencing questions we get.

Here’s Our List of Commonly Asked Fencing Questions

Why should you buy from us?

We have been in business for 45 years, which means we have a lot of experience under our belts. Our main goal is to provide you with a high quality fencing product, at an affordable price which is why we buy mill direct. This not only allows us to offer a great price, but custom order certain cuts and styles if you need them.

What does mill direct mean?

Mill direct means that we get all our specialty building materials straight from the lumber mills across the country. Like we mentioned, this allows us to get products at a cheaper cost than our competitors. We are able to pass the cost savings onto you while still providing a high quality product.

Do we deliver?

Heck yeah, we do! We want to provide flexibility and accessibility to our customers near and far! If we have a product you are looking for, come visit us at one of our 3 local Colorado locations and we will make sure your fencing materials are shipped to your home. If you are outside the State of Colorado, we also ship our materials nationwide, directly to your location!

What makes our products better than our competitors?

Since we buy directly from the mills, we have the ability to control the quality of our product. If a product is shown to us and does not meet our standards, we pass and keep looking for the perfect product for our customers. Big box stores have no way of knowing which products are coming through their doors and are at the mercy of their suppliers.

What types of fencing do you carry?

We specialize in privacy fencing, split rail, ranch rail, and post and dowel. Each type of fencing has their own attributes that make them ideal for certain jobs.

What types of privacy fencing do you sell?

We have decorative fencing, standard and horizontal with picket cut options of dog ear, blunt, gothic, and French gothic.

What type of wood is best for privacy fencing?

We always recommend cedar and not just because it’s in our name. We tell our customers that cedar is the best because it is durable and stands up to wear and tear from weather and certain climates. It’s also affordable and easy to paint or stain.

Why is split rail fencing a good choice?

Split rail fencing is very affordable, long lasting with minimal upkeep, is easy to install, and looks beautiful in any space. It’s perfect for a homeowner with a busy life without a lot of time to worry about fence repairs.

What types of split rail fences are there?

There are two kinds of split rail fence. We stock a 2 rail and 3 rails system and offer traditional split rail fence and split rail fence with weld wire. The wire option is a good one if you have small kids and pets you want to keep safe.

Is Post and Dowel better than Split Rail?

Post and dowel fences are not better, but offers other benefits that split rail doesn’t. Post and dowel fencing is pressure treated, which makes it very resistant to rot, termites, and decay. The rounded post also adds for a more finished and cleaner look.

What is the difference between ranch rail and split rail?

They are both very similar with the only difference being the shape of the posts and rails. The cost is similar depending on the type of lumber used, of course!

These are just a few questions we often hear from our customers. If you have another question that wasn’t answered on this blog, give us a call. We would be happy to help you out. Feel free to come visit and take a stroll through our yard, so you can see the products with your own eyes and start your fence install today!