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Buying the materials for a split rail fence can be expensive even with the best prices. If you are on a budget but are trying to figure out a way to install a fence without breaking the bank, consider cutting your own split rail fence. If you have a lot of land with trees, go through your property and analyze your trees to decide if there are any you can cut down and use as materials. This does take a lot of work and you need the right materials to avoid issues.

Split rail fences are made from stacking thin, long rows of cedar rails on top of one another. This fence can be built with no securing factors such as nails screws or metal connective pieces. This is a great way to recycle materials from your property, especially if you needed to cut down the trees within your property line. Whether you need a fence or not, this is a great way to renew and reuse.

Step 1 – Analyze your land

Walk through your land and decide which trees you are going to take down. If you have a large piece of land needing a fence, consider taking down the trees that are along the line where you want your fence. Take note of any other materials like boulders and rocks that may need to be moved to avoid delays in the process. Estimate the number of trees that you need for the fence and mark the trees you are going to take down. Also, make sure you stay within your property line and check with the HOA to make sure you are within the regulations.

Step 2 – Decide When You’re Going to Do It

Now that you have marked your trees and analyzed your land, you can set the time of when you want to start the process. Consider asking friends or family to help to make the process smoother and faster. Set a date and a time for your friends to join you and start going at it.

Step 3 – Cut Down the Trees

Go through your property and find all the trees that marked before and cut them down with an ax or chainsaw, whatever you are more comfortable with. Take into account for the time that this will take. It may be beneficial to tag team with friends to make this step go faster.

Step 4 – Trim and Measure Trees

Once you have taken the trees down now, you can measure the trees and trim them down to fit the split rail fence design you desire. There is no specific length that you must cut your fence to, but the recommended cut is 10 -12 feet in length. Once you have the cuts and thicknesses you want, lay them out along your property line so you can go around and install.

Step 5 – Install

The last step, of course, is installing your new split rail fence. Go around and do one layer at a time to ensure your fence is even and stable. This part of building your fence is very simple since split rail fences don’t need to be secured with any nails, screws, or metal connective pieces.

Of course, you always have the option of buying the materials for a split rail fence rather than doing it all yourself, however, if you are creative and love completing a hard task then give cutting your own split rail a shot.