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Most every homeowner adds a fence to their home at some point or another. Whether it’s a privacy fence, ranch rail, or split rail– there are endless things you can do once you install your fence with the leftovers. This practice will help improve the overall look of a home. After an installation, there is a lot you can do to step up the overall design of your new fence. In this blog, we’ll be going through our top design tips and split rail fencing projects to level up your split rail fence.

Let’s start with talking about the different ways you can enhance the look of your split rail fence once it is installed. As many know, a split rail fence is a minimal design fence and there aren’t many things you can do with it as far as staining and painting.

Greenery around the Holidays

Although, that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your split rail fence, it just means you must get creative. An idea that would especially look good around the holidays is if you wrapped the rails with vines or garland. You can also use this as an alternative to hiding rails that have cracks or big chunks missing out of them to cover them up. If you don’t like the idea of adding vines or garland, you could consider wrapping Christmas lights to add extra lighting but to also give your outdoor space a cozy and vineyard like feel. You could also combine the two around Christmas time.  

Get Creative with The Design

Another option is changing up the design of the rails when you install the fence. Most split rail fences are horizontal and basic, but you can get creative with the rails and install them diagonally or in the shape of an X. This will still give you the simple look of a split rail fence, but improve the design a little bit.

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

If you are a person who loves flowers, add weld wire on your split rail fence and weave plants such as rose bushes, so they grow up and along your fence. Sometimes with split rail fences, your fence can look bare. Once the plants that you weaved grow, they will fill the gaps and give your fence a more full and completed look.

Arch and Walkways

If you find yourself with leftover split rails from your fence, you can compile all the materials you have left to add a walkway with an arch rather than a gate. You can also take the leftover rails and border a walkway to add some accents to the exterior of your home. The great thing about split rail is that it is a very rustic and rugged material, which is perfect for a home that is rustic or vintage.


Once your split rail fence is installed, add some bushes or smaller trees along the border of your fence to fill any gaps and give your fence a fuller look just like with plants and bushes. You can also line the bottom of your fence with planted flowers or with planter boxes.

Garden Space

If you have leftover rails, but aren’t into the archway and walkway idea- what about adding a small garden space? With leftover rails, you can either extend a space off your existing fence or you can make your garden its own independent space. Add weld wire to keep animals from getting into your garden and plant away.


Our final idea for vamping up the design of your split rail, is to add lighting at the foot of your fence that shines up towards your fence. This will also give you a sense of security by adding lighting, so you can see the border of your property if you need to during the night.

When it comes to your fence, no matter the style you can get as creative as you want when it comes to decorating your fence. During the different seasons you can add accents that supplement that season and for the holidays, there are many ways you can add décor like garland and lights for Christmas, orange plants for the fall, and bright colors and lights for summer nights! You could also bring split rail fence remnants indoors and use them for furniture pieces and décor pieces throughout your home to accent a rustic and rugged look.