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Your yard needs maintenance every so often based on the climate you live in and the type of materials you have for your deck and fence. However, every year around fall time you want to prepare your yard for the colder months with regular upkeep, taking down summer decorations and covering your furniture so it doesn’t endure any damages during the winter. You spend time in your backyard space all year round, whether it’s running through the sprinklers or making snowmen. Take care of your backyard space and keep it lasting for years with these tips and tricks for preparing your yard for fall.

The Basic Clean Up

Start with cleaning your yard up and starting with a clean slate. Go through and give your yard a good walkthrough. Rake any leaves that have started to fall, and pick up and debris such as dead plants, weeds, or tree branches. This will help create a level ground once the snow falls. This will keep your yard somewhat clean once the snow melts and the summer months come back around. You could also mow your grass one last time just to keep the clean up in the spring easier on yourself.

Get Ready for Spring

Next, you want to prep for spring by loosening your soil and lay down some grass seed. This will ensure your grass is prepped and ready to start growing once the snow melts and the winter months start to fade. This helps you be prepared and take off some of the yard work when the spring hits. Continue watering your grass as long as you can to keep it vibrant and alive as much as possible. Stay on a schedule to continuously lay down seed and water. By making sure your yard is properly maintained even throughout winter, it will always look great.

Level Up Your Deck and Fence

Now it’s time to give your deck and fence some attention. With the harsh temperatures, snow and rain- your deck and fence are exposed to a lot. Start with your deck and do a quick look over and see if any boards look like they are warped, cracked, or splitting. If you see any damaged boards, try to replace them if you can. This way you can avoid any more damage from occurring with these boards and it keeps your deck from looking run down and damaged. Do the same with your fence by making sure no pickets need to be replaced or repaired.

Once you go through and fix any repairs that need to be done on both your fence or deck, it’s time for a facelift. Whether your deck or fence is painted, stained, or sealed it is a good idea to refresh it and give the surface a level of protection against the weather. Not only does paint, stain, and sealant help your decking and fence look more complete, it also protects the surface of the wood and keeps it from splitting, cracking, and warping when exposed to the elements.

By now you have taken care of the landscaping, the fence, and the deck so now the only thing left is the aesthetics. If you have a pool or hot tub now, is the time to make sure they are covered and protected from the elements to prevent any damage. You also want to take any furniture that you have such as a couch, chairs, rocking chairs, and tables inside or cover them. This will prevent the heavy amounts of snow and rain from ruining the materials or breaking the wicker, rubber, or whatever material it is.

Whatever you do with the backyard space, you should also do with the front yard. Make sure there are no debris or tree branches that need to be picked up. You could also add some decorations to make your home feel like the holiday seasons. Add some Christmas décor or lights on the trees and bushes to give your home a holiday curb appeal.

Your backyard is a space that you want to be in good shape for a long time with the ability to enjoy it without any worries or big stresses. Take a few precautions at these specific times of the year to keep your home in tip-top shape and your stress levels at a minimum.