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So you are building a fence for your home and you are adding on a system that will act both security and curb appeal. When you are adding a fence to your home, there are a lot of things to consider starting with the type of fence you want. Nowadays, there are hundreds of different options and styles and every contractor will tell you something different. It all comes down to picking a fence that best suits your needs and wants from the design aspect and the security of your family and home. Split rail fence is the perfect middle ground between security, but not feeling like you are completely closed in. Most national parks, public parks, zoos, ranches, and farms have split rail fencing because it is easy to maintain and easy to install. In this article, Everything Split Rail Fence, we break down the main reasons why split rail fencing is chosen by just about everyone.

The Cost

Split rail fence is one of the most affordable fences to install because the materials are minimal. You need little to no tools, the lumber itself is cheap and easy to find, and the labor to install it is almost effortless so you can do it yourself. You also don’t need stain, paint, or sealants for this style of fence which cuts down the cost and the labor time.

Typically to install a split rail fence, it costs $12-$20 a linear foot all depending on lumber, the supplier and the size of the job. The average job for installing split rail is normally 150 linear feet. By knowing the average cost, you can easily estimate the cost for your job and budget accordingly. Many suppliers will work with you if you give them a budget to work with. At Cedar Fence Direct, we work with our salespeople, our mill and our contractors to keep everything within your means and to your satisfaction. That is our number one goal after all – customer satisfaction!

Reliable and Long Lasting

Split rail fencing will last for 50 plus years and need little to no repairs during that time. Because of the simplicity, the chances of needing to replace a post or a rail are unlikely. Plus, you don’t have paint or stain to worry about chipping or splintering. The only thing you really need to watch for is rotting in the wood and any moisture damage.

Easy To Install

The installation process of a split rail fence is almost nothing. You don’t have to go through the measuring, cutting, and layout process that comes with a privacy fence. You just have to dig the holes for the posts and place the precut rails in the precut holes. Everything is done for you and fabricated to be effortless.


The final reason why split rail fencing is chosen by many is the appearance. Split rail fence has a very rustic, ranch-style look to it which many people like and sought after in the design industry. You can customize the look to be your own by changing the way to rails are installed by doing it in the shape of an X or even a Z to add a small twist. There are many different options and the fence is versatile which many people find appealing. The overall value of your home could go up just by adding something as simple as a split rail fence.

If you are interested in building a split rail fence or you own a business and are looking for some inspiration, check out our website cedarfencedirect.com and read our split rail fence page which has all the basic information as well as frequently asked questions. We also have a blog page that we post weekly blogs full of education, general knowledge, and design inspiration. Our fencing specialists know everything fencing and can help compare our fencing to other big box stores, as well as compare the differences between privacy, split rail, and post and dowel fencing. Everything you need to know, we can help you with. Come check us out today and start your next backyard renovation project!


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