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We are in the dead of winter where temperatures are frigid and the weather is unpredictable. One second we can have some sun with not a cloud in the sky and the next minute it’s a blizzard. We don’t know about you, but we are counting down the days until summer comes and the sun is back to beaming hot temperatures. By now we all have our pools covered, summer toys put away, furniture in the shed, and all of our summer essentials pushed to the back of the garage. Even though it doesn’t feel like it, summer will be back before we know it and we will want to enjoy it as soon as we can. You want to keep up with regular maintenance throughout the winter so you are ready for the warmth when it decides to show. Make sure that you are staying on top of your game with this winter time checklist that we came up with for you!

This checklist should be your new best friend for every winter. Add to it, change things up and make it your own so you can keep up with all the summer things that you probably don’t think about doing.


It’s painful to pull out all the summer stuff and not be able to use it, trust us we understand it! However, it is always a good idea to stay organized and get rid of the things you won’t use this next summer.  Go through all your clothing, summer toys and all the random things. This way you have everything organized and you know what you are going to need to buy at the start of the season.

Clean Your Grill and Outdoor Kitchen

Clean your grill and stock up on the propane. The second the temperature starts to rise, everyone starts grilling which means the propane will be gone fast. Stock up now and deep clean your grill so you can whip it out at the first sign of the sun.

Fence and Deck Repairs

Do a once over and decide if your deck, fence or both need any touch ups or repairs. There is recommended seasonal upkeep on both your deck and your fence to keep them looking their best, however you can plan ahead. If you’re going to need any major repairs, start budgeting and putting the money aside so you can be prepared. If you are just going to do simple touch ups like new paint or stain, you can start deciding what type of paint or stain you are going to use and if you want to change the overall color or keep it the same.

Plan A New Renovation

Maybe you don’t have a fence or a deck yet and are planning to build one this season. Well, you can start the design process and working with a contractor to get it scheduled so you can already be on the list for appointments. Planning this far in advance also allows you to fully decide what you want without rushing and it gives you time to save money and be financially sound during the entire process.

Keep Up on The Household

While this step doesn’t pertain to fencing, decking, or general building, it is a very vital step. Go through a make a checklist of all the things you want done with the house, the family, and even personally as self care. If you and your family aren’t taken care of, you can’t take care of the other things properly. Your well being is the number one priority and the winter is the perfect time to take advantage of the downtime and devote some time to yourself and your family’s self-care. Maybe this means you should plan a vacation, redo the house, clean out closets and bedrooms or whatever you feel is needed.

The winter time is our time to hibernate, rejuvenate, and get ready for the nonstop fun that the summer months see. Add things to this list, change it up a little, or even take items off and create a list for your family to work on completing. If you are looking for more inspiration or for more information on fence renovations or repairs, check out our website and our blog page for more fun reads! Happy Winter!


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