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Recently we came across a blog from Long Fence written by Brett Crouse regarding the advantages to using cedar wood as fencing. We were inspired to take our own twist on the subject and dive a little deeper into cedar and the benefits when using it not only as fencing but as decking, siding, and as a general building material. Here is our twist!

Any renovation of your house can be a lot to take in and handle. It takes a lot of organization, thinking, and decision making which can easily overwhelm you to a point of no sanity, or so some say. On top of everything, you want to pick a material that will be long lasting, durable, and sustainable for your project. Not knowing what material is the best can be the worst part. Cedar is a versatile building material that can be used for just about everything. Unlike hardwoods or pine, for example, that only work best for certain projects- cedar is great for anything. So what are some advantages to using cedar for your home projects? Well let’s look, starting with the appearance of cedar.


A lot of homeowners and designers are fond of the raw, natural and rustic look which cedar does a fabulous job of achieving. With cedar, you get knots and vibrant grain in every board with each board still having their own unique characteristics. You can also paint or stain cedar with no hassles. If you are wanting a rich mahogany red look without the price, you can easily get that by simply staining your cedar. This is one of the many reasons that cedar is so popular, because of its natural beauty and the ability to paint or stain it. This makes customizing furniture, accent pieces, deck, and fences easy to do.

Strength and Sustainability

Especially when it comes to fencing and decking, you want a material that is durable and will hold up to wear and tear from high traffic and weather. Cedar is a material that adapts itself to whatever climate it is in. This means cedar will not swell with moisture exposure and it won’t shrink in the heat, which most woods do. This will make installation easier because you won’t have to take account for the extra space from swelling and shrinking. Now, if you bring cedar indoors it is durable enough to be used as furniture and doesn’t take extra securing. All around cedar is a very durable and strong building material.


Wood is probably one of the most expensive items to buy in the building materials industry. Any contractor, woodworker, or builder can attest to this. The happy medium between good materials and good pricing is hard to find, except when it comes to cedar. Cedar is one of the cheapest materials out there, but is also among the strongest and best materials to work with. At the end of the day after you buy your cedar materials, stain or paint, and add the tools and other materials up- you are well under what you would have spent with other wood species.

 Improve the Look and Quality of Your Home

At the end of the day, an important aspect of your home is the overall look and value. People pride themselves in having a well put together and clean home from the inside out. By adding cedar to your home in the form of a deck, fence or furniture you are not only adding character to your home, but you are adding curb appeal and value. Your home is yours and you want it to reflect you and your family. By adding an addition, you are already increasing the quality of your home. When you choose to use a high-quality material such as cedar, you are bringing value to your home.

These are just a few of the many reasons why cedar is such a sought after and a “go to” product. Between the durability, appearance, cost, and versatility why wouldn’t you use cedar for your next renovation or add on. It’s easy to get your hands on and allows you to stay well within budget. Start you next project with cedar today!