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Cedar is a type of wood that is used among homeowners, designers, architects, DIYers, and woodworkers due to the simple fact that it is incredibly durable, versatile, and looks fantastic no matter what the project may be. However, many people have lots of questions about cedar that go unanswered. Most suppliers are so worried about selling cedar products because it’s the best type of wood, that they don’t explain in-depth and answer all of the questions that people have. This is why we are going to go into all of the questions asked about cedar so you can walk away with confidence and knowledge, knowing that cedar is by far the best wood for just about every project. Let’s get into it!

How long does cedar last? 

Cedar will last for years in any environment, because it is a very adaptable wood and will adjust to any level of humidity, moisture, or frigid temperatures. However, you can preserve its beauty and life span with coats of a clear coating such as linseed oil or a transparent stain, as well as a colored dye. This not only gives your cedar a new look, but it also adds a layer of protection from damage that it may endure.

Does cedar need to be stained? 

No, cedar doesn’t have to be stained, but as we mentioned above, but it does allow your cedar to have some extra protection against the weather and possible damages that it could be exposed to. 

If I want to stain my new cedar fence, how long should I wait? 

If your fence is pressure treated, we recommend you wait and let it acclimate. If your fence is dried and not treated, you can stain it as soon as a few days once you wash it and make sure it is thoroughly dry. 

If I don’t want to paint or stain my fence, how can I protect it? 

If you don’t want to paint or stain your cedar fence, you can still protect it with an oil-based stain that is transparent. A lot of homeowners choose cedar because of its natural beauty, and we understand not wanting to ruin that. 

How do I keep my cedar from turning grey? 

If your cedar does turn grey, don’t panic! You can quickly fix this by buying a wood wash for exterior woods and follow the directions on the packages. Before you do any treatment, make sure you clean the surface of your cedar. Once you wash it, let it fully dry before you add any new paint or stain if you choose to do so. 

Do I have to treat my cedar fence? 

If you do not treat your cedar fence, this is what causes it to turn grey. Paint and stain will add a layer of protection from the UV rays, which is what causes the cedar to turn grey. 

Does cedar or pressure treated wood last longer? 

In the long run, cedar lasts longer at 15-20 years, whereas a pressure treated wood lasts 10-15 years. Of course, it all depends on the quality of the pressure treatment that was done and the condition of the wood. 

Is cedar resistant to rot? 

Cedar is resistant to most things such as rot, moisture, and mold. However, everything is possible, and if your cedar does start to rot, we recommend you replace that board. The chances of this happening are slim, as cedar is very durable and adaptable. If you follow the regular upkeep of cedar, you will be golden. 

What are the different grades of cedar? 

This can vary depending on the supplier you are buying from and where they get their cedar. Some of the common ones have a rough or smooth face, are air-dried, or kiln-dried with a variation of others. 

We genuinely hope this helped answer any possible questions you may have about cedar and using it in your next project. There are a million and one possible questions to ask, so if you still have unanswered ones, don’t be afraid to reach out and get those answered. After all, you won’t go with a particular product unless you are confident and knowledgeable.