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Whether you are adding a deck, a fence, or any new addition onto your home- your first worry is of course the budget. On top of the budget, you are wanting to find a good material that fits your price range, have it installed correctly, and make sure it looks great at the end of the project. We understand that knowing all of the variations when it comes to the price of your fence can be overwhelming. This is why we want to give you a break down of the different reasons the cost of a fence may vary. Building a fence can be expensive, so it is important to know the different areas that cost the most so you can prioritize your budget and get the best bang for your buck.

Let’s start with the material you choose for the pickets and posts. The material is probably the number one thing that varies the most and can confuse customers when it comes to choosing the right material. Most homeowners would think that the most expensive material is the best for your fence, when this is not always true. The price of the material doesn’t always have to do with the durability or grade of it. The price actually has to do with the location in which it came from and the market you are in. With a privacy fence, the go to material we recommend is cedar because of its durability, sustainability and affordability. Cedar is one of the cheapest materials out there and it’s also one of the best materials to use when it comes to your fence.

The next varying factor is the size of the job. This one can vary greatly dependent on a lot of things, however the size of your fence can cause the overall price to go up. The bigger the job, the more materials are needed, which means it can get expensive.

Landscaping is another factor that varies greatly. If your landscaping has a lot of hills, for instance, the person installing your fence may charge extra because there will be more cutting and labor involved. You also might need more materials depending on the design of your landscaping.

The next varying factor when it comes to the overall cost of a fence is an addition like a gate. Gates require extra material such as 2x4s, fence pickets and posts along with the hardware, which can often be pricey depending on the hardware you choose to use. A lot of homeowners will add multiple different gates so they can have access points at different sections of their yard. A lot of people will also add things like lighting that is built into the pickets or posts on the fence. These can drive up the price significantly if you are not smart about where you buy your materials from.

The last and final varying factor is the paint and stain that is often used by homeowners as the finishing touch on the fence. When you are painting or staining you will often need a primer, the color coat, and a top layer that acts as a protectant. These materials can add up rather quickly which can catch you off guard. Depending on the fence and the material you use, before you paint you may want to sand the surface and pressure wash it to ensure that the paint or stain sticks and doesn’t chip off. This is also a cost that you will have to keep up with every so often to keep the color of your fence looking like new.

When you are shopping for a fence, it is best to become familiar with the different grades of material available to you and make sure you choose the best one for your home. At the same time, you want to choose the best one for your budget so you don’t stress yourself more than necessary. When you visit your fence supplier, give them your budget and let them know what you are comfortable with budget wise. They can suggest products that stay within your needs and your budget. Let’s start your fencing project today!