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Cedar fencing is always talked about highly among contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers all over. Most suppliers sell cedar fencing among many different kinds like vinyl, composite, and other species of wood. Why is cedar the most popular choice? Well, cedar is a great option for fencing for a few different reasons. When most homeowners go to install a fence, they want one that is affordable, durable, long-lasting and needs little upkeep over the years. While there are many different types of fencing that cover most of these attributes, cedar fencing covers all of them and more.


The main concern for any fence, no matter the type is appearance. You want a fence that looks great while being durable, and a fence that is easy to customize with paint or stain if wanted. Cedar fencing can easily be painted or stained and can last for years, while also looking great if left natural. Cedar normally has vibrant wood grains and knots that give it a unique look that many people desire.


Cedar is an extremely durable species of wood that can withstand a lot of natural wear and tear and exposure to the elements like wind, rain, and snow. When you think of something durable and strong, you think that metal and aluminum would be the strongest. However, that is not the case. Cedar is actually among the strongest material which is why it is so popular to use in construction and in fencing. If you keep up on the yearly maintenance of sealing and doing small repairs, your cedar fence can easily last for decades without having to be replaced.


Among all of the different types of fencing out there, wood of any kind is by far the most affordable and easy to find because it’s wood and is a natural material. Once you get into the category of wood, there are certain species that are more expensive than others simply because they are more rare or harder to work with. Cedar is right in the middle where it is affordable but isn’t the cheapest species. Because cedar is so affordable and easy to find but still is durable and looks amazing, why wouldn’t cedar be among the most popular building materials for anything including fencing. The cost can also depend on where you get your materials from. Certain suppliers may up their pricing because the mill they get their materials from charges them more. Do your research and talk to a few different places before deciding on a supplier.

Curb Appeal and Property Value

Adding a fence to your home, no matter the type of fence, will instantly add value to your home as well as attract more eyes from buyers when you go to resell. Now, if you add a fence that is well built, looks great, and is durable and long-lasting- the value will be higher and will put your home before others on the market.


Besides the overall look of a fence, a big reason why homeowners install fences is for extra security and privacy. With cedar fencing, you have a strong fence that is harder to kick down and get into. Cedar is also normally used as privacy fencing which means there are no gaps to see through, unlike other types of fencing like chain link or metal. You will truly be secure and have a backyard that is yours to enjoy in private without unwanted neighbors or random visitors.

Not to mention, it also protects your little ones and animals from escaping and getting into trouble so you can let them roam free without worrying about them running off.

At Cedar Fence Direct, our main goal is to show our customers how cedar is by far the best material to use when it comes to fencing and building in general. To learn more about cedar or to start the buying process with one of our fencing specialists, give us a call or come visit any of our three locations. We have statewide delivery and an easy process that allows you to be stress-free and enjoy the process!