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When every homeowner is looking to renovate their backyard space, they go looking for the suppliers with the best quality product, easy buying process, and great customer service. There are hundreds of different fencing suppliers that sell similar products, however there are specific attributes that set them aside from one another. Here at Cedar Fence Direct, we strive to stand out and draw in customers from across the industry. We have a very strategic process when it comes to buying from us, along with our high quality products that we get directly from the mill. We want to break it down for you and show you the many things that we do at Cedar Fence Direct that set us aside from other fencing suppliers around us.

Who are we?

We are sure you know who we are, after all, if you made it to our website you either came across us on social media, heard from a friend or family about us, or you’re an existing client. Either way, we are grateful for every single one of you and we want you to know about us as a company and where we started.

Cedar Fence Direct is a partner company with Rocky Mountain Forest Products. RMFP has been around for over 45 years and has worked well over a million different clients over the years. We branched off of Rocky Mountain Forest Products for the purpose of creating a simple and straight forward buying process for bulk order, mill direct fencing materials.  

Large and Small

There are several different fencing suppliers that will only work with a small order or vice versa with larger orders. At Cedar Fence Direct, we work with any size of orders. If you need a few pickets for a fence repair or a whole truckload to stock up your yard, we will work with you. We have different ways to accommodate larger orders by offering special pricing and nationwide delivery. We also have three different locations in Wheat Ridge, Arvada, and Colorado Springs so if you want to pick up materials we can arrange it at a location near you.

Our Products

We try and keep a wide variety of products in our yard stock so we can meet everyone’s needs. We mainly focus on Cedar Privacy Fencing, Split Rail, Post and Dowel and Ranch Rail. However, if you are needing something custom or a certain species for a project, don’t hesitate to reach out. We have close-knit relationships with our mills which means we can get certain products through custom orders.

Mill Direct

All of our products come directly from mill with no middle man. This allows us to better control the products that we sell by making sure that they are of high quality and have no defects of any kind. Most big box stores and some private suppliers don’t have the ability to pick and choose their products, which means some of their shipments may have defects and not be at the quality to use efficiently. A high-quality product is an important aspect as a contractor, you don’t want to complete your jobs with low-quality products. That is why it is very important to us that we keep our stock at the highest quality possible.

Aside from products, customer service, and an easy buying process, we also have a blog page and social media that we keep up on daily to give design inspiration, education, and to share our fellow contractors’ work. It is also a place for customers and clients to message us directly to find out more about the products we offer, pricing, and to ask general questions about the industry.

At Cedar Fence Direct, we love our customers. They are the main reason we continue to hustle day in and day out to provide great customer service, sell products, and improve the industry when it comes to the buying process and materials. We have new offers that cycle through all the time. Check out our website to view current offers and to follow our blog page for more design ideas, general education about fencing, and fun articles for your entertainment. Reach out to talk to a fencing specialist and get more info today!


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