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Think about your backyard, take a look at it and think about what ways you can improve the look of your backyard and the functionality of it. Well, why not add a vertical garden? Many homeowners will turn their heads at this idea because they assume it’s hard to maintain, install, and that you need a particular section to be your vertical garden. However, you can place a vertical garden literally anywhere that is a tall vertical space with sun exposure. If you are looking for a new addition to liven up your backyard space and for something that’s easy to care for, keep reading! 

Things to Consider Before Installing 

Before you install a vertical garden, there are a few things to make sure you have before you go through with the process. 

  • Make sure you have a space that is tall, vertical, and is in a position where you can install a vertical garden. This space doesn’t have to be huge, you can have a mini garden as well. However, you do want to make sure it is of a decent size, so your plants don’t overgrow the space. 
  • Consider the location of the garden depending on sunlight. Most flowers, plants, fruits, and vegetables need sunlight to thrive so make sure you get adequate lighting in the area you want for your garden. If not, consider moving the location of it so your plants can grow. 
  • Make sure your garden will be protected from possible damage from weather or animals. Maybe consider having a cover made or designed that you can have on hand if the weather gets crazy or to protect your garden from animals. 
  • Check with HOAs to make sure your garden can’t be over a certain height, installed in a certain location, or that you can’t grow certain things. It may sound crazy, but HOAs can be sticklers and have special rules. 
  • Make sure you have all the materials that you need before you install so the process goes smoothly. 
  • Design Inspiration: You can install your garden on the siding of your home, on a lattice piece, or even your cedar privacy fencing


After Installation – Enjoying the Garden 

Now that you have installed your garden, you want to enjoy it but maybe you don’t know what to plant. We are going to give you some design inspiration for your newly installed vertical garden. 

Lots of greenery and vines – 

If you plant vines that are already grown or will grow, they will eventually take over the entire wall or your garden. This will fill in your vertical garden and give it a very nice aesthetic. 

Flowers of all kinds –

Plant every kind of flower you can imagine and love. The best part of having a vertical garden or a garden, in general, is the idea of having a wall full of vibrant colors and a different variety of flowers. 

Plant Fruits and Veggies –

You can instantly turn your backyard into a mini farmers market by growing a bunch of different fruits and veggies. You could not only have tons of fruits and veggies for a healthier lifestyle, but you can also save a good amount of money by growing some fresh crops. 

Take your garden indoors –

If you don’t have a lot of space or sunlight outdoors you could take your vertical garden indoors and plant flowers and greenery that don’t need sunlight. You could even buy fake plants that appear authentic and give your home a natural look that’s easy to install, change out, and take care of. 

Truly, there are many different ideas and ways you can incorporate a vertical garden in your home whether its inside or out. You can interchange the contents of the garden to always change up the style of your home. You could even use a vertical garden for parties, weddings, or décor for a small get together. Your options are endless with a little bit of inspiration and creativity. To gain more inspiration on ways to improve your backyard space, check out our blog page, and read our blogs on backyard décor and revamping!