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Slagle Fence, also known as Slagle Property Improvements, is one of the top fence contractors located in Grandview, Missouri (just 20 minutes outside of Kansas City). Founded in 2013 by Adam Slagle, the company got its start transforming outdoor areas into beautiful spaces for families and businesses to enjoy for years to come. Slagle Fence initially focused on building pergolas, customized decks, concrete, fences, and whatever anyone needed for their yards. Today, they’ve narrowed down their services to tailor to the extensive needs of residential and commercial fencing in the Kansas City area. Slagle Fence takes pride in their communication with customers, a seemingly hard trait to come by in the construction industry. Throughout the years, Slagle Fence has gained in popularity and crew numbers. They’re known for being a loyal, intelligent, and friendly team that can accomplish any project they set their minds to. 

Slagle Fence specializes in vinyl, wood, steel, aluminum, ornamental, and customized fencing needs for residential and commercial properties in and around Kansas City. The top choice for fencing in residential neighborhoods is wood. Slagle Fence offers cedar wood fencing in the form of privacy, picket, shadow box, picture frame, and any other style of fencing that is desired to be built using cedar. Slagle Fence Company has been around long enough to understand the quality and longevity that cedar building materials provide. Cedar is nutrient-rich of natural oils that help protect it from rotting and pests. Unlike other fencing materials, cedar won’t warp or shrink over time. With the proper care and installation, your fence will last you for years to come. Slagle Fence has an abundance of highly skilled craftsmen specifically trained for handling all kinds of fencing needs. Even if you’re looking to complete a unique build for your property, Slagle has got you covered. 

Beyond wood, Slagle Fence offers the ever-popular, vinyl fencing. Vinyl is in high demand as an alternative to wood due to its effortless upkeep and sleek finished look. Vinyl is a man-made, synthetic material that gives off the appearance of painted wood. It can be shaped into most styles and is a cost-effective solution to any fencing needs you may have. Vinyl has a clean look that is sure to fit in with the style and design of any outdoor space. For those looking for fencing that is easy to maintain and won’t break the bank, vinyl may be the choice for you. 

If metal fencing is your thing, Slagle Fence has got that too! Aluminum fencing is the most popular option for metal fencing because of its lightweight build and low price. Another popular option for metal fencing is steel. Steel is heavier and more expensive than aluminum but definitely makes up for it in its durability and long lifespan. The two kinds of fencing look pretty similar on the outside, but depending on the quality and affordability that you’re looking for, going with aluminum or steel could make the difference for you. 

Slagle Fence also offers the classic chain link fence. Chain link fences, also referred to as wire netting, wire mesh, chain wire, cyclone, hurricane, or diamond-mesh fencing, are a type of woven fence made from steel. The materials used for chain link fencing are usually galvanized or LLDPE-coated steel wire. It’s galvanized to reduce the possibility of corrosion. This popular fencing choice is formed by weaving a series of spirals together in a diamond-like pattern. Slagle Fence can provide chain link fences in a wide variety of sizes and gauges to fit the needs of your open space. 

If none of the fencing styles detailed above suit the needs of your design and functional needs, Slagle Fence can also do custom built fences. Add some personality and uniqueness to your fence with Slagle Fence. Make your vision come to life with their experienced craftsmen and installers. They’ll get the project done exactly how you envisioned, rest assured. 

For business owners or anyone else in need of a commercial fence, Slagle Fence welcomes projects of any size wherever you may be. All of the aforementioned fencing styles can be installed to give your commercial property the safety, seclusion, and beauty it deserves. Their highly-skilled crew can accomplish any fencing project you need at a price you can count on.

To learn more or get started with Slagle Fence, give them a call at (816) 863-6159, or check out their website at slaglefence.com. They offer free quotes and have a team of specialists standing by to help you with any fencing needs you may have. If you or someone you know is looking for a fence installer in the Kansas City area, we couldn’t recommend Slagle Fence more!