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One thing Colorado is known for is its crazy weather changes. One minute it will be sunny and the next you will be in a blizzard wondering what the heck just happened. Colorado is home to a variety of different people – we have the city folks that live in the heart of Denver, the farmers, and ranchers that live on the outskirts, the suburbs, and then you have the mountain living. No matter where you are in Colorado, there is always an unpredictable weather pattern in sight or a city one minute and farmland a block away. 

There are a bunch of reasons why having a fence in Denver would benefit you in the long run, no matter where your home is. Here at Cedar Fence Direct, we offer four different types of fencing that can benefit you and your family in many ways. We offer privacy fencing which is perfect for communities in the suburbs, split rail which is ideal for parks and outdoor recreational places, lastly ranch rail and post and dowel which is great for ranchers. 

Each type of fencing has its benefits which we want to highlight today along with the reasons why a fence might be beneficial in Denver. 


In Colorado we have unpredictable weather- in the summer, the temperature is high and in the winter they can become frigid. We recommend you use a cedar privacy fence for your home if you live in a suburb and are looking for an option that’s affordable and long-lasting. Privacy fencing is durable enough to withstand a lot of the harsh weather we see here, as well as protect you from it. A fence can shield your outdoor space from heavy snow amounts, hail, and sometimes crazy rain. 


Another thing about Colorado that makes it unique is the wildlife. We have a large variety of different animals that roam around especially closer to the plains and the mountains. By installing a fence in Denver, you can avoid animals getting into your yard and you can protect your family from predators like wolves, coyotes, bears, and even moose in some areas. 


A good-sized portion of Colorado is farmland where ranchers, cattlemen, and farmers have land for their animals and crops. You will want a fence that protects your animals from potential threats, as well as keeps your animals from running off. Ranch rail fence or split rail fence would be the perfect option for a large space that is in need of fencing. 

National Park and Reserves

We also have a decent amount of parks, reserves, open spaces, and areas that are deemed by the state. The split rail fence is used a lot in our historical areas, smaller cities, parks, and communities to not only add design but to also protect these areas and separate them from others. 

Let’s talk a little bit about the different kinds of fencing we carry and their common uses and benefits. 

Privacy Fence

This fence is normally cedar because cedar is so adaptable and long-lasting. Privacy fences are perfect for homes in neighborhoods with yards that you want to protect. This is a very affordable type of fence and is relatively easy to install. 

Split Rail and Post and Dowel

Split Rail is easy to install, affordable, and lasts forever while giving a rustic design look. The split rail can be installed quickly and with minimal labor. All the same, go for post and dowel. 

Ranch Rail

Ranch rail like split rail and post and dowel is easy to install and can be done for an affordable price. This is a common choice made by ranchers and farmers looking to cover a lot of land. 

Having a fence, in general, can be beneficial no matter where you live. Colorado just has some specific attributes that make it more conducive for a fence to be installed. If you are interested in learning more about the types of fencing we carry, come take a look at our showroom and see some of our materials for yourself. We would love to work with you in starting your fence renovation and installation.