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2020 has gotten off to a rocky start, to say the least, but it is an incredible year for the design and building industry. The year 2019 was the year where a lot of different design trends were created and implemented in homes and commercial buildings everywhere. There are a lot of trends that are being carried over like waterfall countertops, reclaimed wood, and trends like wall paneling- but there are a lot of new design trends that are predicted to become the new fads of 2020. 

Your garden and backyard are spaces that you may or may not think about in a designed way. Some homeowners care about the design and the look of their backyard and garden, while others don’t care. Either way is just fine! However, there are some really neat ways you can design your outdoor space with a little inspiration. Here are the predicted garden trends of 2020, keep reading and see which trends you want to jump on:

Simplistic Design

Certain designs like Belgian Design, for instance, is a very simplistic but luxurious style that is very popular the more modern designs get. You can implement this design in your garden by using light colors like white, beige, and creams and keeping the décor to a minimum. This style of décor is very similar to celebrity homes and gardens. 

Less is Always Better

The biggest thing you want to stay away from when it comes to any style of décor is keeping everything simple and with little décor. With a garden, for instance, you want to keep the number of planter boxes, and additional garden décor to a minimum. All you really need is a small table and chairs, your gardening material and any plants or flowers you wish to have. This is also important when it comes to the colors you are using. If you have a bunch of different colors in your design, it can look busy which can take away from the actual décor. 

“The Edible Forest”

This sounds crazy, but trust us it would be awesome to have this in your backyard. There is a community that is focused on just gardening fruits and vegetables and it has progressed over the years. The predicted trend in gardening is building up a garden to the point where it feels and looks as if you are walking through a forest of vegetables. This is definitely a crazy trend, but we could most definitely see this taking off. 

Reuse and Recycle

This has been implemented into garden trends in the past and comes and goes in popularity, but this year it looks like it’s making a comeback. Many homeowners have used this idea when decorating or adding to their garden and in our opinion, it gives your garden a very unique look. 

It can be harder to imagine using certain materials that are used in your garden, so we recommend looking it up on Pinterest and see what inspiration you can gain. You can use many different objects for flower pots, benches, and chairs in your garden for planting and function. 

Patterned Garden

This trend is very intricate and takes time to build up, but once it’s done it would look crazy from a second-story window. This trend is planting or gardening in a way that all the flowers and greenery appear in the form of a particular pattern from a bird’s eye view. You will see this trend used a lot in community parks and gardens and oftentimes it’s very eye-catching. 

These are just a few of the different trends that are predicted to make a comeback or become the new trends of 2020. Who knows if these trends will stick or not? What do you think? At the end of the day, your garden is your oasis and place to get away so make it the way you want it whether that’s following trends or creating your own. Read all the gardening magazines you can find and check out online to gain some inspiration and make your garden the most unique and one of a kind garden anyone has ever seen! Good luck and happy trendsetting!