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Do you live in the city of Westminster, Colorado, or have you ever visited there? When you are driving through the city, you will notice there are many open spaces that are used as parks, trails, dog walks, and just open areas that are full of lush trees and plants. All of these outdoor spaces are fenced in and secure with ranch rail fencing. Ranch rail is a very popular style of fencing and is commonly used in communal areas. 

All throughout Colorado, you will notice that there are many outdoor areas that use Ranch Rail to secure their open spaces. The cities decide to use this type of fencing because it is easy to find and has a lot of benefits that come with it. In Colorado, we don’t know what the weather will be like at any given time,  so you want a material that is strong, durable, and can withstand the weather we see like strong winds, hail, rain, snow, tornados, and so on. Ranch rail is an extremely durable style of fencing that has a lot of the same characteristics of other fence styles but adds on the benefits of ranch rail. 

Here some benefits of Ranch Rail and why people choose it as an alternative over other styles of fencing. 


In a community space especially, if there are a lot of areas to cover, the city wants to save as much money as possible and chooses certain styles of fencing. Ranch rail is very affordable and needs minimal materials to install. Besides the planks, posts, and a way of securing everything together, you really don’t need any other materials to install. 

Installation is Easy

Installing a ranch rail fence is super easy and can be done quickly. It is also easy to repair which is a huge plus, especially when there is a large space with the fencing surrounding it. You don’t want to have to repair the whole fence, you would rather be able to take apart the small damaged area.


Ranch rail is a very clean, simplistic, and rustic style fence that is highly sought-after for homeowners and cities. You can also paint or stain ranch rail to customize its look to match a specific style that you are striving for. Look on the internet and Pinterest for other options and ways to style your home. 


Ranch rail is also a great style of fencing that will keep in animals if needed and keep them out. Some fences that places use to keep their animals in or out block and views and make space feel closed off, with ranch rail you still get an open space but with some added security. 

The Different Styles

There are two different styles of ranch rail, there is decorative and standard. The standing style is the most commonly used and is used in these community areas like open spaces. However, the decorative style is perfect if you are looking to enhance the look of your residential or commercial space. Both are just as easy to maintain and install as the other but just offer a different look and feel. 

Here at Cedar Fence Direct, we get all of our products directly from the mill which means all of our products are hand-picked for better quality assurance. We have built relationships with the mills we buy from and created an on one form of communicating which has enhanced our business and allowed us to carry only the highest quality of product available. To learn more about where we get our ranch rail or how we handpick each board give us a call or come stop in any of our locations today! We would love to work with you and educate you more.